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Colonia NJ Wedding Limos for the Big Day


Every couple wants their wedding day in New Jersey to stand out and get guests heaping praises while remembering it for the longest time. Having luxurious limousine transportation in NJ is one of those things that can help add oomph to your special day. They come in handy especially if the bride and groom and their party have to travel long distances between the chapels, reception area, and the photo shoot venues. Numerous benefits come with hiring limos such as:

  • Addition of Style

New Jersey wedding limousines are all about aesthetics, class, and style. They fit in well in décor and overall themes of the big day. For instance, a classic limo like a Cadillac or Bentley can enhance a classic theme. Most people will agree that the luxurious fleets can make the event magical, memorable, and photogenic.

  • Personalized Service

Everyone wants to feel like royalty on the day they begin their wedded bliss. Personal service that comes with hiring limousines can make a couple feel like they are the most special people on the planet. A majority will serve refreshments en-route, and the chauffeurs wait hand and foot on the passengers making them feel as though they are on cloud nine. Furthermore, the newly wedded couple can opt to hire a limo bus which can be an excellent venue for an extension of the wedding reception as the party hops from one place to the next.

  • Enhanced Safety

Couples who are just about to celebrate their big day appreciate the fact that the limos ensure the safety of the stars of the show as well as their guests, making certain they arrive safely to their destinations. Companies that hire out the vehicles observe the strictest rules in regards to maintenance and quality, and they only hire the best professional drivers to ferry clients comfortably and safely.

Anyone who wants to enjoy all the perks that come with having a limousine in their party can enjoy exceptional services and cars from DJs Limousine. They offer a sleek, clean, luxurious and safe fleet, allowing clients to pick the one they feel will serve their needs best. For the people who want to travel as a group, they can hire a limo bus. Here there is an option of finding one that can accommodate 42, 48, or 52 passengers. They feature excellent audio, and video systems, disco and laser lights, power locks windows and doors, upgraded fabric and seats, onboard restroom, upgraded electrical systems, a large array of floor plans, seating capacity of up to 52 passengers, and back up cameras among the many other exciting features.

Some other vehicles you can pick from the fleet include:

  • Antique Rolls Royce– Ideal for couples who enjoy a vintage theme, this limo has a seating capacity of 2-4 passengers. They have elegant and vintage styling, velvet seating, white exterior, AM/FM player and other features you will love.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom– The signature Rolls Royce is a timeless machine that enables people to make a powerful statement whenever they arrive at any venue. It is a great option for a wedding vehicle because it not only delivers contemporary luxury, but a couple will feel as though they are on a magic carpet ride when on board.
  • Chrysler 3000– with amazing lavish looks, this is a car that will get heads turning during your wedding day. The sophisticated interior provides enough room for that luxurious ride where you may not want to alight even after you reach your destination. It also features outstanding security features to give drivers and passengers great peace of mind.
  • Lincoln Limousines– These are a dream come true for anyone searching for that ultra and super stretch excellence. These add an extra dimension to special occasions.

DJs Limo  is a family owned and operated business that has been in the industry since the early 1990’s where it started out as a one car operation. Through hard work and commitments to offering clients nothing but the very best when it comes to reliable, on-time, and affordable luxurious transportation, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Dominick Glynn the owner puts a lot of effort to ensure you always get 100% client satisfaction at all times. Hire one of their limousines today and experience the luxury that goes beyond the norm.

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New Brunswick New Jersey Limos

The personal commitment of Dominick Glynn is to total customer satisfaction

When in search of best NJ limo services around and New Brunswick, search nowhere else other than at DJs Limousine and luxury buses. They offer the whole tri-state area with unique limo buses and skilled limousine services. At DJs limousine services, they give more attention to understand what you require for your luxury transportation. They possess a wide range of limousines for all occasions. These events include funerals, corporate services and corporate events, airport limo services, Atlantic City limousines, prom limousines services, and bachelorette and bachelor parties.

  1. Wedding limo

They offer very comfortable and safe services for your every need. Make your wedding prom or day very special with services provided at New Brunswick. They have 20 years of experience in offering limousine services and have been able to make perfect transportation plans for your special functions. You can select from a diversity of chauffeur- driven luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce among others. At DJs limousine services, they provide deliver safe transportation and mainly give more attention to all of your luxury details. Their bus has features like a seating capacity ranging from 12 to 52 seats, AM/FM stereo with compact disc player, upgraded electrical systems, upgraded fabric and seats, onboard restroom, a large array of floor plans, disco lights and laser light, backup cameras, audio and video system among others.

  1. Limo bus rentals

They have a variety of limo buses which you can choose from. Their bus transportation services are convenient. Moreover, their personalized limo bus services in New Jersey will help make your special day even more enjoyable. Hop into it and start your party earlier and in style. You are in a position to hire their chauffeur-driven buses and for a wedding, bachelorette or bachelor parties or other parties. The chauffeurs at DJs Limousine are trained and licensed professionals.

  1. Limo Fleet

If you wish to travel in style in any of your functions, then you have no option other than visiting DJs Limousine services. Their cars will give enough luxury. Contact them for your special days/occasions at DJs Limousine services. A variety of exotic cars, stretch limos and party buses are waiting for you. These include a classic 1965 Lincoln Continental to Lincoln town cars; they are available for you to choose your favorite and to enjoy your day. Others include Chrysler 300, Lincoln limousines, New Brunswick, checkered cab, luxury Mercedes sprinter, 26 passenger luxury bus, luxury limousine coaches and 42, 48 and 52 passenger luxury buses.


With excellent experience since 1993, and  up to date offerings including  sedans, premier limousines, and other limo bus services, they are very proud to be serving  New Jersey with reliable ground transport and affordable on time service for the last two decades. The large fleet available at DJs Limousine services that are fit for limo buses, business issues and coaches big enough to accomodate almost all types of parties. They also have an array of some exotic limousines. DJs Limousine has been providing excellent services to reality TV show stars as well as celebrities, corporations and big business alike.

New Jersey Night Out on the Town

Imagine a night out on the town with everyone in your entourage in tow. You can get everyone together in a NJ limo bus in order that you can do whatever you want on the way there.

A New Jersey limousine means that you can keep all your friends together the entire evening. No need to worry about how each person is getting home. Dominick Glynn, owner/operator of DJSLimo, will ensure that each person that needs to be taken home at the end of the night is accounted for. He will be especially organized and prepared so that the usual worries that are on one’s mind regarding transportation are simply eliminated.

This New Jersey limousine will give people the star treatment. Everyone will wonder what the group is up to. And the passengers in the limo can see parts of the city that they have never experienced before.

DJS Limo knows all the best places, whether stores or sites, to stop along at the way to the destination. Everyone will arrive at the event completely prepared and totally relaxed.

You can do things the traditional way and just hope that there will be a ride home for everyone at the end of the night, especially if they have been drinking. Or you can step up to the plate and rent a DJS Limo so that you know that everyone you go to the event with has a safe way to get home.

Renting a New Jersey limousine is worth it any price. It will make the experience of getting to an event incredibly memorable and exciting. People usually cherish these memories for a lifetime.




Limo Company With Focus on Technology and Innovation

Son Takes Over Limo Company With Focus on Technology and Innovation

It is always a wish for children to outlive their parents and also do better than them. This is the perfect description of the New Jersey limousine company managed by Dominick Glynn, a professional limo entrepreneur. You can imagine what a goal-oriented young man like Dominick can do in this era of technological advancement. A modern touch is just the best word to use in describing how the limo business is being managed under him to the point of clients congratulating him for the success.

Working towards customer satisfaction is the best bet in any enterprise, and this has been successfully achieved. Customers of DJs Limos consistently express joy for their various parties and events. Apart from this driving force towards giving their customers the best treat ever, are there other qualities or features that distinguish them? Sure, yes.

• Expertise and experience. The first thing that attracts people to any thriving and progressive establishment is experience, which cannot be separated from expertise. This company has been in operation since 1993. Without mincing words, they have satisfactorily served New Jersey for more than two decades. What else do you want in a company?

• Various fleets to choose from. What is the size of your event? You can always count on their professional service being rendered to cater for all categories of people through different fleets designed for each category and size of event. They have vehicles for business trips, parties (large or small), prom nights, baby showers, wedding ceremonies and anniversaries and other occasions. It will also be a memorable event cruising around in their New Jersey Limousine Bus. They have exotic cars, party buses and other categories ofvehicles. Just what you need to give your loved a special treat!

• Affordability. Despite their years of experience and professionalism, they are considerate in their rates, helping you achieve that dream outing within your budget. They also give their potential customers a free quote. Isn’t it amazing? You are welcomed with consideration and compassion with draining your purse for any selfish interest. They are just perfect!

• Diversified interest. While they take up individual projects and limousine services around New Jersey, they have also extended their expertise to reality TV show stars, celebrities, companies (large and small) as well as other corporations. It is obvious they are into the real business of modern New Jersey limousine services.

• Reports from past customers. It is also obvious that DJs Limousines are transparent enough to allow former service users to share their experience with potential customers. This is what is expected of those who want to make their clients comfortable. There is no hide and seek game.

If you have been disappointed in the past, try out this excellent New Jersey limousine company. You can boast of the best transportation experience while reliving the unforgettable moments.