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For many people, one of the most important occasions in their lives is attending a special event in a limousine. Most people are busy looking for the best clothing, latest hairstyles and many plan to hire the best New Jersey limos. Having a limousine service is probably one of the most interesting ideas when attending a special event. You can find a group who want to stay together and are willing to share the cost of an amazing limousine bus.

The Budget

Everyone is cost-conscious, so you have to take this into consideration. This is the most important factor when hiring an exclusive limo. It is important that the group of folks decide on how much cost they want to share. You will also want to get positive referrals from your friends about a reputable company that offers limousine services.

You should also visit the limo company and ask questions while discussing your needs. One of the most important issues is what kind of insurance does the company offer their clients? Also, get a guarantee as to the exact time limit and how much will you pay in case you exceed the time. Ask about their guidelines and refund policies.

Limo Maintenance

One of the best ways to determine this is to talk to the driver who will be driving the car. Ask how well they keep the vehicles and make sure that he is a professional driver with the required license and insurance.

Read all the guidelines in the contract before signing it.

Limo Etiquette

It is important that passengers remember this. You should follow the exact number of people who will ride the car based on the signed agreement. Do not allow those who are not included on your list despite showing their interest to join you. There are limitations while inside the car that includes, restriction to smoke, drinking excessive alcohol and illegal drugs. You also need to remind your group not to stand on the sunroof. The company has the right to refuse any illegal actions, and in most cases, the clients may not refund the payment. Of course, if you hire one of the best NJ limousines, never leave your valuable belongings inside it.

Dynamic NJ Limo Company

DJs Limousines opened in 1993 and has been offering limo bus, limousine, and sedan services since that time. There have been changes in the leadership over the years. This highly professional New Jersey Wedding Limousine service is already well established and is also excited to move forward. They have a large fleet and are still looking to expand to meet the needs of their customers.

Customers have been consistently happy with the services provided by DJs Limousines. This progressive company is in a position where they can become a leader in the industry. They are always looking for new ways to make sure that the customers are satisfied.

 Increased Fleet

It is necessary to have a large limo fleet to offer all the services and transportation for clients. A larger fleet allows them to serve more clients at one time. Meanwhile, the company is able to look for new business as well as keeping regular clients happy. This company has a large fleet and can service both new and existing clients . Everyone will be able to get the ride they want to their important event.

When the company opened back in 1993 there was only one vehicle in the fleet. Over the years this has expanded and now there are many vehicles that can be rented out. The company is still looking to add additional vehicles to their fleet.

DJs Limousines  has changed over the years. There are a number of extraordinary sedans that will allow a person to ride in luxury. When a person is getting married they want to arrive in style. This company can make that possible. Customers will be able to be driven in modern and luxurious vehicles. They have the best fleet of cars in the area. There are some cars that this company has that no one else in the area does.

There are also limo buses and coaches for the wedding party. This will allow for more riders and will make sure that everyone will have plenty of room to be comfortable. It does not matter if they are transporting a large or small group, since DJs Limousines will provide excellent service. They have provided transportation for famous people and can help anyone get to where they have to go. They will make sure that a person is able to get to their wedding. in comfort and style.

There are a number of stylish vehicles at DJs Limousines to chose from. The fleet contains an antique Rolls Royce, a luxury bus that can hold up to 26 people, checkered cabs, a Mercedes Sprinter, and the Rolls Royce Phantom. There are number of other quality vehicle services as well.

 Family Owned Business

DJs Limousines is family owned and operated. The company has enjoyed success for many years and the owner Dominick Glynn is looking to take the company to the next level. He also has a significant emotional investment and personal attachment to the company.

Dominick is always looking for ways to be proactive when building up the company. He is looking to expand the company even further over the next couple of years. The customers as well as other staff members at this company see many great benefits from having such a strong leader.

 Customer Service

No matter how great the vehicles are, customer service is one of the most important things and is the number one value of the company. Customers want to feel comfortable and want to be respected by the staff. They want a company that is reliable. A wedding is a major event and a person has to get there on time. That is essential. The professionals at DJs Limousines will go above and beyond for their customers. When people are looking for a limo, limo bus, or other form of transportation they do not have to look any further.

Fords New Jersey Wedding Limousine

Fords New Jersey Wedding Limousine

What is the one day in your life, where you are going to want everything exceptionally perfect? The dress, the tuxedo, the venue and the transportation? The one day where nothing is supposed to or allowed to go wrong. Your wedding day! You have chosen the perfect dress, your favorite colors for the theme, the perfect destination for the wedding and reception but what about the transportation? You want something elegant, but affordable. Something that can transport the wedding party to the wedding and the bride and groom to the reception, safely and with comfort.

When choosing the Fords NJ limousine service for your special day, make sure you take a look at each vehicle they offer and have your list of questions ready to go. Make sure you get accurate pricing for all of the time you will spend in the limo. Make sure the service is willing to allow you the opportunity to celebrate with a bottle of champagne and roses for the ride to the reception or if they will be transporting the whole party, make sure that whatever you want to use celebrate on the way is acceptable.

DJ’s Limousines is the best place in the area to find the perfect transportation. In business since 1993, they have a large fleet to choose from, for your perfect ride on your perfect day. How about a Lincoln Town Car stretch limo? They also have Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz options available for your perfect day. Big wedding party? How about the Limo Bus? It can transport the whole wedding party to the reception destination. Do you want something more intimate, for just the bride and groom after the ceremony? Then why not choose the Antique Rolls Royce? They also have 8, 10 and 12 passenger options.

Make sure when you visit DJ’s, you have a good address of where to be picked up, be specific on the time and have the correct address of where you are being taken to. If you are using the limo after the ceremony to the reception, make sure that they have the correct address of the reception venue. This will ensure there are no delays or wrong turns from each destination to the next. You want to also make sure that they have at least 2 good contact phone numbers, just in case there was to be some kind of event before the ceremony that would need your approval.

DJ’s Limousine Service is professional, punctual and luxurious. Their drivers are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a once in a lifetime, unforgettable perfect ride. They know the area exceptionally well and you can be confident that you are not going to be late to your destination. You can rest assured that your perfect day, will also include the perfect ride when you choose DJ’s Limousine Service.

Your perfect dress, your perfect day, your perfect ride. DJ’s Limousine Service, servicing New Jersey for over 2 decades, is guaranteed to make your wedding day an unforgettable ride.


Metuchen New Jersey Limousine

Metuchen NJ Limousine

The Longevity of DJs Limousine Service

DJs Limousine Service has been around for a long time by this point. This business started in 1993. They have been offering highly-quality limo bus, limousine, and sedan services ever since. Companies that have been around for nearly twenty-five years are going to experience significant changes regarding their leadership, however. Highly experienced companies are going to have their eras, and DJs Limousine Service is old enough now that it is entering a new moment in its history.

Customers have been satisfied with the quality of the service that they have received from DJs Limousine Service for a long time. However, it is always possible for businesses to improve. When businesses are going well, they will typically expand. DJs Limousine Service is now in a position where they can do that, and the recent changes in management have helped to facilitate that transition.

A Family Business with a New Leader

DJs Limousine Service is a family business. Many customers feel more comfortable with family-owned businesses in general. While DJs Limousine Service has been successful for a long time, its new owner should manage to bring the prestige of the company to a whole new level. Dominick Glynn is the new owner of DJs Limousine Service. He is the original owner’s son. As a result, he has also invested in the company emotionally.

Dominick Glynn had already been more proactive than some of the previous owners of the company. As such, DJs Limousine Service is expanding significantly. This is already happening now. Since Dominick Glynn’s ownership of the company is still recent, customers and the other employees at DJs Limousine Service can expect a lot of great things from his leadership.

More Vehicles in the Fleet

All services of this nature can benefit from having more vehicles in the fleet. They can work with a broader range of customers right away. It is easier for them to be able to take on many different routes. They also will not have to prioritize as much when it comes to their customers. Companies like this will have an easier time taking on new clients rather than relying on their regulars. Moreover, DJs Limousine Service is now in this position because they have more vehicles in their fleet.

Back in 1993, DJs Limousine Service had a single vehicle in its fleet. However, they were still able to build on that, demonstrating that it is possible for companies to expand dramatically even without many resources.

Today, DJs Limousine Service is unrecognizable compared to the company that existed about a quarter of a century ago. Their luxury sedan vehicles can give passengers the sort of high-quality experience that they never thought they would have received. People want to be able to travel in style for their weddings. Even when it comes to a great night on the town, customers truly deserve the best. DJs Limousine Service has a renewed commitment to making that happen. Clients can hire a Metuchen New Jersey limousine, and they can truly travel in style. They will be able to ride around in some of the most modern and glamorous luxury vehicles on the market today.

Many people will use this service for business travel. There are limo buses and huge coaches available as well. This means that it is even easier for many customers to travel with one another. DJs Limousine Service can help both small groups and large groups get where they need to go. They have helped famous people travel, and they can help everyone else along the way.

The vehicles in the DJs Limousine Service fleet include an antique Rolls Royce, 26 passenger luxury bus, checkered cab, luxury Mercedes Sprinter, and Rolls Royce Phantom. There are plenty of other DJs Limousine Service vehicles with a comparable level of quality, just to give customers an idea of what they can expect.

Customer Service

Apparently, no matter what, it all comes down to the quality of the customer service that people can expect. No matter how great the vehicles are, customers still want to feel comfortable. They still want a reliable company. DJs Limousine Service is there for them in every way. Whether people need a limo for a party or a limo bus for a longer journey, DJs Limousine Service will help.


New Brunswick NJ Limo

In this era, you need not worry about airport parking lots or the hassles of missing your flight. With their luxury limos, DJs Limo has highly qualified chauffeurs who will get you to your destination safely and on time. Their greatest push is to provide the perfect option for reliable, safe, and luxurious transportation that caters to small and large size groups. You should trust them with door-to-door service to and from all concerts, theatres, music festivals, and party venues in or out of town. For these reasons and more, their limousine service is a premier choice for ground transportation in New Brunswick NJ. You can entrust them to take you, your family, and friends to events such as:

Prom & Graduation Parties

Being a once-in-a-lifetime experience, they always make sure that your teen will never forget his/her promo or graduation. They offer a package filled with fun and excitement, so your daughter or son has a beautiful moment. Besides, they know that the safety of your  teen matters to you and that is why they have a system that carefully maintains contact with each of their chauffeurs during the trip. This enables them to update you on the status of your children promptly to allow peace of mind knowing that they are receiving safe and reliable transportation.

Wedding Limo Services

DJs Limo provides unrivaled wedding limo services to its diverse clientele across New Brunswick, New Jersey, and adjoining areas. Dominick Glynn continues the operation as a cost-effective company that has delivered outstanding limousine transportation to the bridegroom and his bride. Besides, their  VIP and deluxe service add glamor to the splendor of your once-in-a-lifetime event. After finally tying the knot and walking down the aisle, a uniformed, well-groomed chauffeur will gladly give you a ride to the wedding suite. Amid the jubilation and exhilaration of the big day, they offer an enthralling, tranquil excursion that will take you from the church to the honeymoon or other venues that you and your new partner desire to attend. Moreover, they provide an enchanting ride for the relatives, guests, and friends to ensure that everyone reaches home with the same happiness and gladness.

Corporate Limo Services

For most businesses and organizations, a luxury-chauffeured transportation is habitually an obligation. Employers and corporate executives often have burgeoned needs when traveling and transportation is concerned. Besides, they barely have the time to try local transportation because of the busy and hectic schedules they undertake in their daily lives. Thus, given a chance to try the serene and comfortable ride to the office, appointments, and meetings, it will be all most of the business personnel yearns for.

Night Out Occasion or Dinner

Whether you want to attend a bachelor/bachelorette party or you simply must go to a nightclub, DJs Limousines has no limitations. You are at liberty to choose from the inspired attractions so you can enjoy the drop offs to your favorite concerts, a night of fun with your friends, beautiful scenery and much more. Indeed, they are the perfect complement to your evening because, besides transportation, they will help you plan any event, and make reservations for the night. On top of that, their luxurious limousines allow you to enjoy mood lighting, your music or videos played on the system, climate controlled air conditioning and much more.

Airport Service

Your airport pickups and drop offs are going to be a prime experience with DJs Limousine services. Whether for pleasure or business, you can rely on them to provide the most reliable and professional airport services. Upon arrival, their professional chauffeur will greet you with a smile, assist with your luggage, open and close the car door for you, and assure you of a smooth ride to your destination. In a matter of fact, our record of accomplishment always speaks for itself.

You Can Always Rely on Them

For every occasion, DJs Limousine services have luxury cars ranging from a stretch limo, exotic cars, and the luxury limo buses to allow for a safe, reliable transportation for the residents of New Brunswick, N.J, and the surrounding areas. Their chauffeurs are continually assessed to ensure that their driving skills, reliability, and customer service are top-notch and have positive client feedback. Their primary goal is to give the very best there is in the market to not only meet your expectations but also to make sure they exceed them.

For the most comfortable and stress-free ride, call them now for a free quote or arrange a pickup!