Cranford New Jersey Limousines

Cranford New Jersey Limousines

Do You Limo?

Why You Should Always Pick DJs Limousine

DJs Limousines has been offering premiere limo bus, sedan, and specialized limousine services since 1993 in New Jersey. It is indeed noteworthy that this extraordinary company has been family owned and operated for over two decades now. We could talk about its history when it was a one-car operation in the 1990’s to its current impressive state, but wouldn’t it be better if we talked about the current head Dominick Glynn and his extraordinary wedding limousines?

Yes, DJs Limousine has been in existence before Dominick Glynn, but he has uplifted it to an entirely new direction and level. The various changes are mainly due to his dynamic leadership skills and his vision for a better limousine company. He has expanded the limousine fleet and ensured that the customer service, as well as the level of comfort, is top notch in every aspect. These Cranford New Jersey limousines consist of an entire fleet of wedding limousine and party bus.

It is always hard to accomplish this with so many wedding limousine vehicles, and it has taken him a lot of hard work and youthful vision. Many New Jersey weddings use the service and the company consistently receives positive feedback. During this era tremendous change, customer feedback is always important to Mr. Glynn.  Dominick Glynn is determined to ensure that all customers are treated right.

The fleet includes Rolls Royce Phantom, Antique Rolls Royce, Lincoln Town Car Executive Large, Lincoln Continental Livery Edition, Mercedes-Benz S550, Cadillac Escalade ESV, ten passenger Chrysler 300 Limousine, 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus and more on the way.

Most weddings always have a bachelor and a bachelorette party, and a limo bus is an ideal limousine to take care of the event. They are chauffeur driven, with safety and comfort always of primary concern.

The customer service at DJs Limousine is exemplary and very high quality. The entire staff is vetted and verified before hiring, and you will always find the best possible service at all times. Dominick Glynn has undoubtedly ensured that the customers always come first and he knows that they are the most critical aspect of the business.

DJs Limousines also has a very user-friendly website that is very easy to peruse, giving you an explicit representation of the company and its vehicles. When it comes to marketing, you need to ensure that potential customers can get to view all your available services and equipment. Dominick Glynn has guaranteed you get just that when you visit the website. There is also a testimonial section where you could see reviews from different customers. In this segment, you can get to view how different customers have rated the services.

DJs Limousines is indeed an experience you should try out. In New Jersey, they are your best bet for getting elegant, quality service with class. It can never be as good as advertised unless you try it out for yourself.

NJ Limos For Every Need

Limousines are more than just cars. They provide you with an impressive ride no matter where in New Jersey you need to go. However, it is very common for individuals to turn to a local company and not do any research to find out which company is right for their needs. Not all limos are the same and if you choose the wrong one, you could end up facing some costly mistakes along the way. No matter if this is for your prom or for a wedding, the right vehicle is going to make an impression on you and your guests if you take the time to choose the right one.

Factors to Keep in Mind

As you consider the limousines available to you for your needs, note the options the company has to offer. DJs Limousines in Garwood, NJ, for example, has an impressive fleet that owner Dominick Glynn has acquired. Most companies will have more than one option for you to consider and that is a good thing. Your needs need to fit with what is available to you but you also need to consider your budget and what is available on the day of your event. This can range widely from one company to the next. Here are some things to keep in mind as you select a limo company.

Size is often the first question and the most important aspect. You need the right sized vehicle so it will fit with your specific group needs. Consider how many people you need to place into the vehicle as well as how much room you need to consider.

Features may also be important to you. Many times, having the right features can help to make your experience better. Things like a refreshment area, radio and other features can really make the space more enjoyable.

• You also want the vehicle to be in good overall condition. It needs to be the right price but you don’t want something that doesn’t ride well. That could hinder your experience.

As you consider the options in limousines, remember that you have plenty of options to consider. You may want to sit in a few and determine which one is going to be the most impressive option for your needs. Only you know what you expect this vehicle to provide to you and you should not have to limit yourself with the wrong option overall. Go for what is going to impress you and everyone in your group.



Maplewood New Jersey Limousines

Maplewood New Jersey Limousines

New leadership can sometimes be shocking to a regular customer to a company. Will the new leader of the business run things the same way the old leader did? Will the services offered change? Will you still get the same great quality of services you received with the old leader? The answer to all of these questions, in the case of DJ’s limousine’s new change in leadership, is yes.

DJ’s has been around since 1993. They offer premiere limousine, sedan, and limo bus services. Dominick Glynn continues this rich history to the best of his ability. He recently took over the limousine service that has been around for more than two decades. Under this new era of leadership, we expect not only the business to remain virtually the same, but we also know that Dominick Glynn is actually making the company better. We believe that his new ideas will revolutionize the industry in New Jersey.

DJ’s offers many services, including limo bus rentals, wedding limo services, corporate events and other business transportation services. They also commonly handle funerals, airport limo transfers, prom limousine services, Atlantic City limousines, bachelor party limousines, and bachelorette party limousines. All of these services are helpful for their different uses.

We personally think that their Antique Rolls Royce is the best vehicle in the fleet. Not only is it useful for making a statement at a party, it is also appreciated by car enthusiasts. The Antique Rolls Royce is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a wedding or a funeral. DJ’s also has a Rolls Royce Phantom in their fleet. If you liked the idea of the antique Rolls Royce, you’ll love this modern version even better. Nowadays, many people just don’t appreciate an antique car. With the Rolls Royce Phantom, you can show off in a more modern version of the antique Rolls Royce. Heads will be turning when you show up at that next big event!

One of the coolest limos they have in their fleet is a 20 passenger limo bus. This bus is perfect for parties, such as a bachelor party or a bachelorette party. Many experienced limo customers realize that they would prefer this type of vehicle for the special event. But If you want a limo bus, and don’t have twenty passengers, DJ’s has got you covered! They also have a smaller 12 passenger limo bus perfect for a smaller group. This is ideal for the occasions when you don’t feel like inviting a bunch of people to a party, but you still want to have a party. This option will also save you some money, as it is cheaper to rent then the 20 passenger limo bus.

Overall, we think that the leadership at DJ’s will remain the same it was, and continue to improve. They are perfect for any occasion, whether you need to show off at your sister’s wedding, or be humble and show up to a funeral. DJ’s is perfect for everyone!

DJS Football Limo Bus

DJS Football Limo Bus

Everyone wants to travel safe and relaxed while heading to a game. Nobody wants to be in haste while going to cheer up your best team. For you and your buddies, this is one of the biggest concern. None of you would want to miss any part of the game in the name of failed transport means. With DJS Limo, all these worries have been taken care of.


DJS Limo service is an exact representation of the cliché, “sit back and relax.” The safety is guaranteed by the US Department of Transportation through State Regulations, which are strictly adhered to. Dominick Glynn is committed to complete enjoyment and customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art safety measures utilized by the limousine bus remove any doubt in the client’s mind. There is the in-time inspection of the tires, first aid kits, air-conditioners, fire extinguishers, and sunroof test, to mention but a few. All of these services are geared towards making you feel safe throughout the journey.

Time Saving

It is essential to factor in the time-saving benefit in any journey you contemplate on. Booking a DJS Limo bus saves you a lot of hassle. The driver is always on time to pick you and your buddies up at the agreed point. After the game, the bus is ready to pick you all up at once and take everyone to your destination. The driver’s knowledge of the best routes is an excellent way to save time.


There is no worst nightmare than missing a means of transport for an anticipated football game. Investing in a DJS Limo bus guarantees a reliable means of transport that will see you through the entire journey, in time. The days of trying to haste to catch a bust are long gone with limo bus in the industry.

Reduced bus rates

The bus rates on a limo website enable one to plan travelling with saving in cost and time. There is room for inquiries about the number of travellers go defray costs.

The Takeaway

The solutions named above are enough to have you relaxed while contemplating transportation for your football team. With these advantages, you cannot have an excuse for missing a game. You don’t want to abolish the zeal for the football fans during the last minute.

Some of the events to expect at MetLife Stadium before the end of this year include:

  • Sunday, October 15th – Jets vs. Patriots
  • Sunday, October 22nd – Giants vs. Seahawks
  • Sunday, October 29th – Jets vs. Falcons
  • Thursday, November 2nd – Jets vs. Bills
  • Sunday, November 5th – Giants vs. Rams
  • Sunday, November 19th – Giants vs. Chiefs
  • Sunday, November 26th – Jets vs. Panthers
  • Sunday, December 3rd – Jets vs. Chiefs
  • Sunday, December 10th – Giants vs. Cowboys
  • Sunday, December 17th – Giants vs. Eagles
  • Sunday, December 24th – Jets vs. Chargers
  • Sunday, December 31st – Giants vs. Redskins

Contact DJS Limo for the best New Jersey Football Limousine Bus Services to take you and your buddies to the game.


Rahway New Jersey Wedding Limousine

Rahway New Jersey Wedding Limousine

Going to a wedding in a limousine is a dream for a lot of people. All limousines are associated with luxury and class. Many people want to feel like royalty for a day on their weddings, and a limousine will really do the trick in that way. Getting the perfect Rahway New Jersey Wedding Limousine service can make a huge difference for the people who are trying to plan the ideal wedding ceremony. DJS Limo could be just the sort of service that a lot of people want.

DJS Limo

Dominick Glynn, the owner of DJS Limo, is bringing the entire business into a new era. DJS Limo is a New Jersey business that has actually been around for a while. However, all businesses need to change and develop. Dominick Glynn is creating entirely new and even more effective customer service. As such, it is going to be a lot easier for most people to find DJS Limo in the first place.

They will also have an easier time when it comes to getting in contact with the customer service staff members when necessary. The link between customers and the companies that they work with is required to become stronger in the modern world, and Dominick Glynn is a leader who understands that very well. The DJS Limo business is expanding under his watch, and his company is able to continue to provide a great service for each and every customer.

Wonderful Limo Fleet

A limousine business is ultimately going to rise and fall based on the quality of the limousine fleet. If there aren’t enough vehicles in the limousine fleet in the first place, people are going to struggle when it comes to getting the vehicles that they want in the first place when they are still in the planning stages for the DJS Limo appointments. There probably won’t be enough of these vehicles to go around for the people who are trying to find a way to schedule everything that they want. The DJS Limo fleet was designed to help people get around all of that.

The DJS Limo service has an amazing selection of fabulous vehicles that will make anyone feel like he or she is travelling in style. A good portion of these vehicles are luxury vehicles, and this is the sort of thing that is going to encourage a lot of people to want to get a limousine in the first place.

A passenger luxury limo bus will be available for the people who want or need to be able to travel in large groups. DJS Limo has a limo bus that will seat a total of twenty people. The luxurious Lincoln limousine will seat a total of eight passengers, which should be shocking to the people who are used to riding in limousines that will only seat a few people at once.

Some people would rather ride around in an antique Rolls Royce, and DJS Limo has a vehicle like that as well. These are the sorts of vehicles that people will actually dream about riding in for their whole lives. Being able to travel in a luxurious vehicle like this for even one day can be a dream for a whole lifetime, and people will certainly want to realize a dream like that on their wedding day.

A Rolls Royce Phantom is also available, and this is an equally luxurious vehicle that a lot of people will love. It has the sort of craftsmanship and quality that people would expect from a brand like this. Of course, there are other luxury brands that are available through this service, and a lot of people will love them just as much. These vehicles have a shining white and immaculate look that a lot of customers will love. It’s easy to associate cars like this with weddings in the first place.

The Mercedes brand is another that tends to be overwhelmingly popular among a lot of customers, and the DJS Limo service has a Mercedes-Benz S550 on hand. This is the kind of vehicle that will give people the chance to ride around in style in a whole new way since it has a sleek and dark look to it.

For the people who want to feel as if they are riding around in an enormous chariot, the Cadillac Escalade ESV is perfect. It’s a huge vehicle that will give people the opportunity to ride far above the road, making them feel like they’re being pampered in a different way.

Of course, the DJS Limo service still has a number of more traditional limousines that are just as great for the people who want luxury vehicles, since these are Lincoln limousines. Lincoln limousines are some of the best on the market, and people will tend to feel that right away. These are among the greatest vehicles around today, and a lot of people will be excited about getting the chance to try them.

Great Customer Service

People absolutely need to choose their limousine services based on the quality of their customer service standards. On a wedding, the last thing that people want is to deal with drivers and customer service staff members that aren’t going to be polite enough. People want to be able to benefit from high standards of customer service on a day that is supposed to be just for them. DJS Limo should be able to offer all of that to consumers.

Customers will feel as if the drivers that they’re working with are friendly and conscientious. All of the drivers will reach their given destinations on time. They will be able to follow complex sets of directions with no additional input from the customers. It should be easy for all people involved to be able to get around in style with the DJS Limo service.


Union New Jersey Wedding Limos

Safe, luxurious limos in Union, New Jersey

When you picture your wedding day, what do you picture? Do you see a long white dress? The man of your dreams standing at the end of the aisle, tears in his eyes despite the fact that he never cries? Your memories are important, and few memories are as important as your wedding day. You want your day to be as relaxing and luxurious as possible.

NJ Wedding Limos

Nothing says luxurious like a ride in a limousine. DJs Limousines wants to help you make memories by providing quality, luxurious transportation to and from your events.

Not Just for Weddings

Of course, limos aren’t just for weddings. Ensure a safe and comfortable drive for your entire wedding party. They are great for bachelor and bachelorette parties, too.

Whether it’s a wedding, prom, bachelor or bachelorette party, homecoming dance, football game, or any other occasion, a ride in a New Jersey limousine can bring extra class and excitement to an evening. The lighted interiors make for an out-of-this-world ride, and the in-vehicle refreshment area can help you pre-game for your event or unwind afterwards. With spacious backseats,  DJs Limos can transport your entire party, or just you and your special someone.

The Limo Search

Of course, finding a quality limousine service is a must. These are your memories, and you want to be assured that the evening will go off without a hitch. DJs owner Dominick Glynn is committed to providing superb quality. Continuing and expanding the limo service started by his father in the early 1990s, Dominick takes pride in the services his business provides. He is a leader and a visionary and has helped transform this family-run business from a one-car operation to a multi-vehicle business.There is no one better to entrust your son or daughter with than DJs, a company who knows what family is all about.

Totally Professional

DJs drivers are dedicated to being prompt, courteous, and professional at all times. You can feel safe with DJs drivers, who each have numerous years of proven driving experience under their belts.

DJs Limousines has also provided service to celebrities and reality TV stars, and is a trusted provider in New Jersey. They are professional and discreet, and can be entrusted with the needs of this unique clientele.

Are you looking for a vehicle for a business or corporate trip? Look no further. DJs Limousines often caters to businesses in the area.

If a “conventional” limousine is not your style, they also offer a fleet of luxury cars and buses. Services are available in Union, New Jersey and the surrounding area. Perhaps a Rolls Royce would be a better fit for your party. This is just one of many vehicles available through DJs Limousines.

Questions about DJs limos? Their excellent customer service representatives will be happy to talk with you at any time about the services they provide. Call for more information, or, if you’re ready, for a quote.



Fanwood NJ Limos

Have you thought about a Fanwood New Jersey limousine? Well, they are not just for weddings anymore.Let’s discuss the advantages of a New Jersey limousine while travelling and also which limousine will suit your needs the best. New Jersey is a very diverse a traffic intense state, so a limousine makes perfect sense. Even if you are not a local resident, you will definitely want to look around and visit the state’s many attractions and venues in a comfortable, safe and relaxed way. If you are in a new and unknown place, we do not want any unpleasant surprises, so safety precautions while relaxing is equally essential. Leave aside any rental vehicles, what do you think about a limousine? We are serious, we are talking about renting a limo.

Advantages of choosing a limousine: A limo is never out of place. It adds class and luxury to your event.

There is no restriction on the types of vehicles you can find, making it a lot simpler to go for the one that meets your budget and needs. Don’t forget to check for the one that is correct based on the number of passengers you take, so cosiness is not compromised at the end of the day. There are several types of limos that you can pick from according to the requirements and number of people. This way, you ensure adequate comfort for all those who are traveling.

Every one knows limo is best known for the special aura and admiration it has. Its innate perfection, luxury and features make it superb. With many types of vehicles and amenities according to it, the limo is an exquisite choice for both business or personal use. Make sure you book one month in advance if you do not want any disappointment later on.

Choosing the best limousine service in New Jersey: When you decide on the best limousine company in New Jersey, spend a few minutes online to become more familiar with the company. Identify the positive and negative attributes. Be sure to raise questions like policy on refunds and cancellations, taxes, additional charges, and service availability.