Wantage New Jersey Limousines

Limousines are more than just cars. They provide you with an impressive ride no matter where you want to go. It is very common for individuals to turn to a local and trusted company near Wantage like  DJs Limos. Not all limos are the same, and if you choose the wrong one, you could end up facing some costly mistakes along the way. No matter if this is for your prom or a wedding, the right vehicle is going to make an impression on you and your guests if you take the time to choose the right one.

What Limo Factors to Keep in Mind

As you consider the  New Jersey limousines available to you for your needs, note the options the company has to offer. Most companies will have more than one option for you to consider and that is a good thing. Your needs need to fit within what is available to you, but you also need to find your budget and what is available on the day of your event. This can range widely from one company to the next. The following are some things to keep in mind as you select a company like DJ Limos to rent a limo from for your day.

• Size is often the first question and the most crucial aspect. You need the right sized vehicle so it will fit with your specific group needs. Consider how many people you need to put into the vehicle as well as how much room you need to consider.

• Features may also be necessary for you. Many times, having the right features can help to make your experience better. Things like a refreshment area, digital sound system and other features can make the space more enjoyable.

• Are you looking for more than just a place to sit? Some limos allow you to get up and dance if you would like to. This may be an option for the company you rent from depending on what they offer.

• You also want the vehicle to be in good overall condition. It needs to be the right price, but you don’t want something that doesn’t ride well. That could hinder your overall positive experience.

As you consider the options in limousines for  Wantage NJ, remember that you do have plenty of opportunities to discuss. You may want to sit in a few and determine which one is going to be the most impressive option for your needs. Only you know what you expect this vehicle to provide to you and you should not have to limit yourself with the wrong choices overall. Go for what is going to impress you and everyone in your group.

Old Tappan NJ Residents and the Limo Experience

Old Tappan NJ Residents and the Limo Experience

Limousine fans in  Old Tappan New Jersey know the value, comfort, and ambiance that a limousine will bring. You should be aware of this, too.

New Jersey limos  add an extra special touch to every occasion, whether it is prom night, wedding, hanging out with friends, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, tailgating parties, business events, group trips, and many other types of events. It is important, though, to select an experienced and professional limousine service organization. You should choose the best company that provides you with fast and secure transportation. They should also be dependable and fulfill your requirements at the desired time, with the possibility of last minute deals, and other significant services.

You can get a party bus from an experienced New Jersey company like  DJs Limousine and know that you will be in good hands. You can also see movies, play video games for your enjoyment and enjoy the experience on the limo bus. The latest designed seats, air conditioning, convenient passenger entry doors, on-board restrooms, entertainment system hookups, DVD player, luggage partitions, and other amenities and enhancements are available to maximize your traveling experience.

It is important to be prepared for your event and plan the actual date. If you can move your date to either a Friday or Saturday, be sure to get prices for both dates. Sometimes you can get a better price on Fridays as it is not always as busy as Saturdays or Sundays. Price will always remain higher during peak wedding season.

Set a time range to be picked up and dropped off and find out if it lines up with special discounts. If you are planning for a weekday night out, then book a large limo bus and save a lot of money as this is the right time and situation for a booking. You should book a limo that is 20 percent larger than your party group size to get sufficient space for a trouble-free limo experience. Apart from that, some limo companies also provide exclusive discounts to their regular customers.

To get service within a budget, you should compare all limo company services and ask them to show you their limousine fleet. You must ask for the contract after you decided to opt for the limo bus. Do not forget to review the entire contract. which has authentic terms and conditions.


Luxurious August Wedding Limos Cranford New Jersey

Luxurious August Wedding Limos Cranford New Jersey

Everyone wants their wedding in  Cranford New Jersey to be memorable for a long time. Luxurious New Jersey limousine transportation is something that can help add special touches to your special day. Limos and party buses are convenient, especially if the wedding party needs to travel long distances between the chapels, reception area, and the photo shoot venues.

There are numerous benefits with limos:

NJ Limos Have Style

Wedding limousines are all about aesthetics, style, and class. They fit with their unique décor and overall themes for the wedding day. For instance, a classic limo like a Cadillac or Bentley can enhance a classic theme. Most people will agree that a  luxurious limo fleet can make the event memorable, magical, and photogenic.

Personalized NJ Limo Service

Everyone wants to feel like royalty on the day they begin their wedded bliss. Personal service that comes with hiring limousines can make a couple feel like they are the most special people on the planet. A majority will serve champagne en-route, and the chauffeurs wait hand and foot on the passengers, making them feel as though they are on cloud nine. Furthermore, the newly wedded couple can opt to hire a party bus limo which can be an excellent venue for an extension of the wedding reception as the party hops from one place to the next.

Enhanced NJ Limo Safety

Couples who are just about to celebrate their big day appreciate the fact that the limos ensure the safety of the stars of the show as well as their guests making certain they arrive safely at their destinations. Companies that hire out the vehicles observe the strictest rules in regards to maintenance and quality, and they only hire the best professional drivers to ferry clients comfortably and safely.

Anyone who wants to enjoy all the perks that come with having a limousine in their party can enjoy exceptional services and cars from DJs Limousine. They offer sleek, clean, luxurious and safe fleets allowing clients to pick the one they feel will serve their needs best. For the people who want to travel as a group, they can hire a Cranford New Jersey Limo Bus. Here there is an option of finding one that can accommodate 42, 48, or 52 passengers. They feature audio, and video systems, disco and laser lights, power locks windows and doors, upgraded fabric and seats, onboard restroom, upgraded electrical systems, a large array of floor plans, seating capacity of up to 52 passengers, and back up cameras among many other exciting features.

Other vehicles you can pick from the fleet include:

  • Antique Rolls Royce- Ideal for couples who have a vintage theme, the limos have a seating capacity of 2-4 passengers. They have elegant and vintage styling, velvet seating, white exterior, AM/FM player and other features you will love.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom- The signature Rolls Royce is a timeless machine that enables people to make a powerful statement whenever they arrive at any venue. It is a great option for a wedding vehicle because it not only delivers contemporary luxury, but a couple will feel as though they are on a magic carpet ride when on board.
  • Chrysler 3000- with amazing lavish looks, this is a car that will get heads turning during your wedding day. The sophisticated interior provides enough room for that luxurious ride where you may not want to alight even after you reach your destination. It also features outstanding security features to give drivers and passengers great peace of mind.
  • Lincoln Limousines- These are a dream come true for anyone searching for that ultra and super stretch excellence. These add an extra dimension to special occasions.

DJ’s Limo is a family owned and operated business that has been in the industry since the early 1990’s where it started out as a one car operation. Through hard work and commitments to offering clients nothing but the very best when it comes to reliable, on-time, and affordable luxurious transportation it has grown by leaps and bounds. Dominick Glynn the owner puts a lot of effort to ensure you always get 100% client satisfaction at all times.

Hire one of their limousines today and experience the luxury that goes beyond the expected.


Westfield NJ August Wedding Limos

Every couple in Westfield New Jersey  would want their wedding day to be unique. It should be heaped with praises and leave a lasting memory in their guest’s mind. Opting to have your bridal team transported by luxury limousines is among the things that can make your special day unique. Limos are very useful for carrying the bridal party over long distances between the church, photo-shoot venues, and the reception area.


Hiring a limousine for your wedding has the following benefits:

Adding on to the Style

Wedding limousines add class, style, and aesthetics during your great day. The luxury vehicles complement the day’s theme and décor. For example, a classic theme can be greatly enhanced by the choice of a luxury limousine. Use of luxurious vehicles makes a wedding more colorful, memorable and magical.

Personalized Services

Most people would want to be accorded the treatment of a king or queen during their wedding day. Hired limousines provide customized service to couples making them feel treasured on their big day. Most hired limousines serve their clients champagne while on transit and their drivers patiently wait on their passengers which create a nice feeling of treasure. Also, the newlyweds can hold their wedding reception extension party on the move onboard a party bus limousine.

Enhanced Safety

Limousines provide utmost security to the newlyweds and their bridal party from one destination to the other. Limousine companies strictly adhere to the vehicles’ maintenance and quality requirements and hire top professional chauffeurs for the maximum safety and comfort of their clients.

Clients who wish to have the premium services of a hired limousine during their events should seek these from DJ’s Limo and their Westfield New Jersey area wedding limos. The company has a sleek, safe, and clean fleet from which customers can choose the vehicle that best suits their needs.

A Westfield New Jersey area limousine  provides an ideal mode of transportation for clients traveling in groups. The company has 42, 48 and 52-seater buses. The buses are fitted with disco and laser lights, video system, power window and door locks, onboard restroom, back up cameras, upgraded fabric, seats and electrical system, and a large variety of floor plans among other beautiful features.

Other vehicles in the fleet include:

Antique Rolls Royce-the 2-4-seater limousines are best suited for vintage-themed weddings. The elegant vintage-styled vehicles are painted white, have velvet seats, and have AM/FM player among other adorable features.
Rolls Royce Phantom-this is the vehicle for those people who enjoy their presence being recognized at every event. The limousine is ideal for a wedding since it provides both luxury and comfort.

Chrysler 3000- the vehicle’s opulent appearance will leave everyone in admiration during your wedding occasion. The vehicle has a spacious interior for a perfect luxury ride and superior security features for a worry-free ride.

Lincoln Limousines-the ultra super stretch vehicle is most suited for people looking to make an extraordinary appearance during special events.

DJ’s Limo is a family business started in the early 1990’s. At the time, the company had only one vehicle for leasing and has grown through commitment and hard work to provide the most affordable, reliable, and timely luxury transportation. Customer satisfaction is critical to their business objectives. Engage the services of one of their luxury vehicles today for a princely luxury.