Edison NJ Winter Wedding Limousines

A lot of people are having winter weddings and why not? It makes your wedding even more beautiful and magical. Just think of how dreamy and outright amazing it would be if it started snowing during the photo session and all of your photos would look like a winter wonderland. Plus, if you did your wedding during a festive period like Christmas and New Years the chances of your loved ones missing out on your wedding are low since many people get off from work at this time. it also makes wedding planning a lot easier because many people are not courageous enough to wed during the winter and this means that your venue of choice will probably be available. On top of that, you will hire most of the items you need at an affordable price since it is an off-peak season.

Wedding with a Party Bus

If you live in Edison, New Jersey or its environs you have the privilege of kicking your wedding a notch higher both in terms of elegance and fun. For more than twenty years DJ’s Limo has been offering the best limousine service. They’re always on time and they are reliable and pocket friendly. This means they can give the safety and comfort your wedding needs to be complete by serving you with a beautiful classic limo, stretch limo, or party bus.

On the outside, the bus is pretty calm and official. This means it will not give your wedding the high school vibe that comes with many party buses. The bus will provide you with the much-needed space when traveling and safety since DJ’s Limo has their own very well trained chauffeurs. If you want to add more comfort and glamour at your wedding at an affordable price below is a list of some of the other vehicles offered by DJ’s Limo:

26 Passenger Limo Bus

This bus is spacious enough for everyone on board to stretch and move around, this will reduce the level of being tired by the time people get to their destinations. On top of that this limo bus is equipped with a bathroom which means no stopping on the road or having to hold it all the way which ensures you will be comfortable all the way.

• 12 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus

The bus comes with the comfort offered by a limo only for a lot more people. They have a serious look on the outside and they will surely leave people talking years to come about how posh they were and from the name you can definitely tell the speed.

• 20 Passenger Luxury Limo Bus

The inside is so cozy you will never want to leave.

The owner Dominic Glynn is dedicated to ensuring that all your needs have been met and your big day is a success. If you want limo services in Edison New Jersey, look no farther, just visit the DJ’s limo website and give them a call.

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Menlo Park New Jersey Party Bus

Menlo Park New Jersey Party Bus

Many people in Menlo Park, New Jersey, find that they have a need to use high-end transportation services at some time in the year. Party bus services are mostly required for transportation during exceptional events, including weddings, birthday parties, proms, night out, going to entertainment venues and football games.

There are many companies in New Jersey specializing in offering limousine services for any special occasion. However, DJ’s Limos is one of the most reputable companies in this industry. Dominick Glynn brings a new era of leadership to this well-established company that prides itself in being focused on comfort, safety, and customer satisfaction.

DJ’s Limos excels in offering superior services that are designed to suit the requirements of every customer. Dominick Glynn, the owner of the company, together with his team, are committed to providing professional transportation services for different types of memorable special events.

The majority of the people who hire transportation services typically require them for their wedding, prom, bachelor and bachelorette occasions. Some remarkable events can occur at some point in a person’s life. A wedding ceremony is one of those. As a result, Dominick Glynn and DJ’s Limos looks forward to ensuring that your special day is unforgettable and more vibrant by providing great limousines. Additionally, Dominick aims at making it possible for people of different financial capabilities to have access to limousine services at convenient rates.

There is a wide variety of limousines to choose from, depending on your preference and style. For your wedding day, the limos of your choice are decorated to match or complement the theme of your wedding. Brides are also provided with red carpet services as they walk out of the limo towards the aisle. All this is done to achieve a colorful and high-end looking wedding.

Not only are these limousines luxurious, but they also offer superior comfort, and safety while in transit. These limousines are fitted with quality digital sound systems and leather seats so that you and your friends arrive at your destination in a relaxed manner.

DJ’s Limos also provides transportation services to significant events such as concerts in stadiums. Hiring the party bus to such an event allows you to travel in style in the company of your friends. The features in the party bus such as refreshments, television screens, and music systems provide a cheerful environment. Additionally, these vehicles offer an excellent opportunity for a group to stay together while traveling and during stopovers. As a result, they can have maximum fun while still being safe.

DJ’s Limos also transports people to corporate events. When trying to build the image of your company to potential customers, it is critical to creating the right impression. Therefore, hiring executive limousine services to transport you and your employees will help you attract the attention of important business connections.

The great accomplishment of DJ’s Limos is directly related to the quality services offered to all of their clients.

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Points to Consider When Hiring a Westfield NJ Limousine Service

Points to Consider When Hiring a Westfield NJ Limousine Service

People treasure a ride in a limousine. Limousines add style, charm, and elegance to any event or occasion. Unfortunately, owning a limo is something that is only possible for the rich. For others, the only way to ride in a limousine is to hire one from a reputable and experienced limousine service like DJ’s Limos. Hiring limousine services are very popular for transporting guests and celebrities during special celebrations or select events.

The Limo Dream

For many, riding in a limousine is only a dream that can be realized once in a lifetime. Usually, people tend to reserve this experience only on certain memorable events in life such as weddings, birthdays, proms, or bachelor or bachelorette parties. Ironically, hiring a limousine service can be a daunting experience unless you are acquainted with the process. Fortunately, reserving a DJ’s Limousine is a straightforward and convenient process.

Most important is to determine the type of limo that is needed for the occasion. DJ’s Limos is one company that has a wide range of limousine models available on a rental basis. Selecting one from such a large fleet of limos can often be a complicated exercise unless you figure out what you exactly need. To determine this, just identify the number of people who will be traveling in the limousine for the event. If you have a small group of three to four people, hire a smaller limousine such as a luxury Town Car. Hiring a small car will definitely cost you less and would consume less fuel. On the other hand, when the group is considerably larger, a stretch limousine or party bus might ay be a better choice. Also, you can even check for some other larger limo models that are available with the service.

Selecting a Limo

Once you have determined the number of people in the group and the type of vehicle you require, the second item that you need to think about when hiring a limousine is the duration of time that you will need the limousine. Most of the limousine rental services in and around Westfield New Jersey do specify a minimum rental time for which you must hire a limo, particularly during weekends and on special occasions.

The best way to calculate the rental time of your limo is to determine the time at which you wish to arrive at the event and then estimate when you would like to be taken home. Just add an hour to your arrival and departure time. This way, you can comfortably accommodate any minor time alterations that can happen in between.

The guidelines mentioned above will assist you in understanding the procedures for hiring a DJ’s limo. By following these simple rules, you can handle the limousine rental process just like any other professional. In addition to these guidelines, be sure that you select a limo rental agency that is reputable, reliable, provides air-conditioned vehicles, offers prompt service, and gives maximum importance to customer satisfaction. Never choose a limo rental agency just because it allows for vehicles at affordable rates.



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When Limousines are Appropriate

When Limousines are Appropriate

Special occasions that require some road travel are best remembered with a limousine. Some situations can best be served in one more than others. Here are some of these occasions.

Christmas Lights and Nights Out

Christmas tree viewings, especially in New York, are best enjoyed with a New Jersey limousine.

Weddings. It’s a no-brainer that the preferred mode of conveyance for a bride and her groom is a limousine, often the stretch variety. Unless you own a luxury sedan or can borrow one from a friend or relative, renting a limo service is the most practical option to bring the bride to the church and the newlyweds to the wedding banquet.

Funeral services

These are often inclusive of somber black limos for the bereaved family, relatives, and friends. You could specify an entourage of white limousines and the funeral service provider can oblige at a cost.

Corporate. Multinational companies usually maintain a fleet of limos reserved for corporate executives and high-level management people as well as visitors from overseas branches or affiliates. Some companies outsource this service to accredited car rental firms and merely pay for each use and not maintain a separate department of car mechanics and chauffeurs.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

A reunion with long lost college friends visiting your family can be an excellent excuse to use a limo around town or around the suburbs. You can get one of those super stretch limos, stretch SUVs or party bus and go bar-hopping without missing a beat in between bars.

Your Kid’s Birthday

Just about every kid dreams of following the rock star idols one day and what better way to indulge your kid’s fantasy than a treat on the road with a stretch limousine or SUV commonly used by celebrities and rock stars? Your kid will love you for it.

Gala Nights and Concerts

Attending a movie premiere, a concert at a Music Center or a masquerade ball can be a good excuse to rent a limousine service for that stylish entrance when getting off the car. You can live your fantasies to be a celebrity or a rock star with one.


If you and your partner are still not getting the limousine of your dreams, what the heck, rent one to celebrate your anniversary around town or out of town.