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Newark NJ Airport Business Limo Near Me

Newark NJ Airport Business Limo Near Me

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of the busiest airports in the nation and consequently, a lot of business travel comes through this major airport.

Quality of Airport Transportation

Business travelers seek – and need – reliable limo transportation that offers comfort, convenience, reliability, and safety. Fortunately, for New Jersey business travelers, DJ’s Limos is a perfect choice.

Awesome NJ Limo Fleet Near Me

One of the main considerations in choosing an NJ limo provider near me is that there are diversified vehicles available for every business transportation need. A quick look here demonstrates that this is exactly the case.

Business in a New Jersey Limousine Near Me

Business and limousines go together. Unfortunately, however, limos are frequently underused by business.

The goodwill you create among existing and new clients is very significant. You can pick them up at the airport with a professional driver. Transport them to meetings. It’s the best way to convey business hospitality.

Business Productivity in a Limo Near Me NJ

Business people know that seeking ways to stay productive when traveling can be difficult. There are concerns of distractions everywhere you go.

Furthermore, If you have rented a car and plan on driving yourself in a congested and unfamiliar city, productivity will really suffer. When time is of the essence, and the schedule is important to your success during your business trip, the limo is critically important.

If you need to keep track of visiting clients, and want to know they will be arriving on time, provide them with a limo. The goodwill is tremendous.

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Executive Limo Service NJ Near Me

Executive Limo Service NJ Near Me

The type of executive limo service near me you choose in and near Garwood New Jersey can make a big difference regarding the business transportation service that New Jersey businesses can enjoy.

The Mercedes Sprinter within the limo fleet of DJ’s Limo is a perfect example of the type of vehicle that business people prefer and enjoy.

So, what exactly is it?

Executive Limo Service Near Me NJ

Limo Fleet Mercedes Sprinter

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft registered the name Mercedes as a brand in September 26, 1902. The story of the oldest and most famous automobile company of today has begun from that very moment. Mercedes cars are a stronghold of unique style and dreams of millions.

The first unit of Karl Benz, the father-founder of Mercedes, was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 1887. At first, people were skeptical about this “strange” invention. There were even a number of restrictions for the newly invented cars: the speed limit through the city was established no faster than 6 km/h, outside the city limits, were 12 km/h. Being unaccustomed, people were just scared of cars.

Benz was sued once as his drivers “were enjoying the ride while quickly raced past the city police station.” It was then that Karl decided to invite employees of the Ministry on road trips. As a result, he was allowed to drive faster than the carriage with horses. But people were still uncertain about the cars.

Karl Benz’s wife caused a turning point in the history of Mercedes Benz in 1888. She went on a journey by car to her parents in the city of Pforzheim. The car has overcome the distance of 106 kilometers with no problems, and from that moment the whole Germany was talking about Mercedes Benz, as convenient means of transportation.

Mercedes Benz logo – a three-pronged star, meant to symbolize universal motorization, as initially the company was engaged not only in cars. Mercedes worked on the air and marine industries, mainly producing the aviation and ship engines. As the company had success in all three fields, Mercedes decided to commemorate this momentous event in its logo. The three prongs stand for land, water and air.

The three-beam star symbolizes the success of the brand in land, water and air. Yet there is another perception that the three beams represent a somewhat different meaning, interpreted as follows: Mercedes cars are made for the convenience of the driver, passengers and mechanics.


The Legend. The Brand.

Many people know that the brand name Mercedes-Benz origins from a woman’s name. But it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. One of the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador Emil Jellinek decided to invest in Daimler Company, because he believed that the automobile business in the near future will have an unprecedented success. He had a daughter with a very difficult name – Adriana Manuela Ramona Jellinek and the family simply called her Mercedes.

Actually the word Mercedes in Spanish means “mercy”. Eventually, after the merge of Benz with the Daimler company, the head of the company stood at a crossroads. Since the trademark “Daimler” was impossible to register in Germany, as a company with the same name already existed, Karl Benz offered a straightforward name – Mercedes-Benz.

So, now you know. The Mercedes Sprinter offered for limo transportation near me by DJ’s Limo is a great choice for any business and DJ’s Limo has it.

Contact them today.

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Private Transportation Near Me NJ

Private Transportation Near Me NJ

Limos Near Me NJ

DJ’s Limos is one of the top limousine companies in New Jersey that offers many types of exotic and elegant vehicles for hire. Their limousines range from wedding vehicles, party buses, corporate vehicles, and airport transfer vehicles. If you have an event, and you want to arrive in style, you should consider hiring a limousine from DJ’s Limo. Hopefully, your Google search for “private transportation near me NJ” brought up this result. If not, we are glad you found us!

Limos Near Me and Your Decisions

  1. Antique Luxury Vehicles Near Me

If you love exotic cars, DJ’s Limos offers limos near me that have you covered. Antique cars are very fashionable and classy for any event. DJ’s Limos offers you a chance to experience beautiful antique classic luxury vehicles If you are in New Jersey, there is a good chance this excellent limo fleet is near you.

  1. Exotic Sedan Vehicles Near Me

If you do not have a large group of people for transfer, consider exotic sedans from DJ’s Limos. There are a variety of sedan vehicles to choose from. Once you contact the NJ Limo Near Me, they will be able to explain to you the different services that are offered when you hire these vehicles.

  1. Mercedes Benz Vehicles Near Me

Mercedes Benz vehicles are mostly used for corporate and red carpet events whereby you want to arrive in a luxurious style. They are newer models in the market and have a sleek look to give you the experience you need.

  1. Limousines Near Me

Limousines are mostly used in weddings when the couple is arriving for their reception. At the NJ Limo Fleet near me, you will get the exotic Cadillac Escalade ESV and stretch limousines. The stretch limos can carry from 8 to 10 passengers, and they include the 10 passenger Lincoln limousine, 10 passenger Chrysler 300 Limousine and the eight-passenger Lincoln Limousine.

  1. Party Buses Near Me

The NJ party buses near me are ideal if you have celebrations including birthdays, engagement parties and weddings. They are used to carry many people in plush and safe way. They are fitted with facilities such as music player, TV, executive seats, lighting, and a refreshment area. The party buses near me at DJ’s Limos includes different types of magnificent party buses near me. Additionally,

The Leadership of DJ’s Limos

DJ’s Limos near me has been providing ultimate limo services in New Jersey since 1993. This excellent company is under the leadership of a dynamic young entrepreneur, Dominick Glynn. DJ’s Limos has strived to make sure that this superb limo company near me is the top in the industry. Moreover, he has established the well-earned many Google Reviews they have. The availability of the vehicles, professional drivers and quality in-class limo services all make this company a fantastic choice.

If you want to enjoy the finest luxury vehicles, you should contact DJ’s Limo for a free quote. Whether, you are traveling for business, going to a wedding reception, party transfers and celebrity transportation, DJ’s Limo, have everything you need.

Private Transportation Near Me NJ

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New Jersey Limo Fleet Selections

New Jersey Limo Fleet Selections

If you are planning a wedding, prom or just a great night out on the town, you will want to read this.

Limo Fleet Selection

When it comes to limos, the selection is everything. It is important to know that you can find exactly what you want for your upcoming event. Shuttle? Check. Party Bus? Check. Classic car? Check. Black business limo? Check.

Since 1993, family-operated DJ’s Limousine has been working hard to exceed customer expectations. And their outstanding array of Google Reviews is a testament to this commitment.

NJ Limo Weddings

NJ Wedding Limos

Partial Representation. Visit Limo Fleet page for a complete overview.

Your New Jersey wedding can be a challenging situation. There are many things to organize, including what items to book, what to wear and what style of wedding limos you choose to use. DJ’s Limos makes the following suggestions for consideration.

1. To investigate what type of wedding limos you should use, visit the Limo Fleet page of DJ’s Limousine Service. An advantage of choosing a modern vehicle safety and reliability.

2. DJ’s Limo has an extensive limo fleet, so if a replacement vehicle is needed, there is no problem.

3. It is worth taking into account the time of year of your wedding. During the summer months, well-functioning air conditioning is obviously a big consideration.

4. It is important for friends and family to discuss whether a specific limo company for you.

5. If possible look at the vehicle before you confirm the booking.

New Jersey Limo Fleet

Marriage is a great opportunity, and your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. Your choice of the best limo fleet New Jersey can really improve the event and an important part of planning their wedding.


Newark Airport Black Limousine

Newark Airport Black Limousine

About Newark Liberty Airport EWR

Newark Airport is operated by The Port Authority of NY and NJ and is located at 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114.

Newark Liberty International Airport originally opened on October 1st, 1928 under the name Newark Metropolitan Airport. It was built on 68 acres of marshland and its very first terminal, the Art Deco Administration Building, was built in 1934. For 11 years, Newark was the only airport to serve the New York area and was considered the busiest commercial airport in the world – that is, until LaGuardia Airport opened in Queens in 1939.

Newark Airport Black Limousine

Courtesy: Newark Airport

Once World War II began, Newark Airport was taken over by the Army for logistics operations and was closed to commercial flights, which helped LaGuardia grow in popularity. When Newark reopened in 1946, it wasn’t long before the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey took control of it.

The Port Authority immediately began making improvements to Newark by adding an instrument runway, a second terminal building, a control tower, and an air cargo center. By the 1970s, roadways, taxiways, and a third terminal were built. In addition, construction on a fourth terminal started and the airport’s name was changed to Newark International Airport. Expansion continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s and the airport was fitted with a monorail system (which connected the Newark Airport parking, its terminals, and rental car facilities), an International Arrivals Facility, and a two-building maintenance complex.

Newark Airport Black Limousine

DJ’s Limousine Service

Since 1993, DJ’s Limousine Service has offered airport black car service, premier limousines, sedans, shuttles and party bus services with affordable, safe, punctual, and reliable ground transportation for over 2 decades.

They have a large fleet complete with many different types of limousines that are perfect for business travel, party buses, and coaches. They are large enough to hold almost any party size, and they also have an array of exotic limousines.

Get a FREE QUOTE today or call them at 908-241-3393.

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New Jersey Party Bus and Business Adventure

New Jersey Party Bus and Business Adventure

Arrange for service from a reliable New Jersey limo bus company like DJ’s Limo, and you’ll enjoy the efficiency of professionally provided transportation.

New Jersey Party Bus

Time Is on Your Side

Black car limo business travelers are especially concerned about timeliness. A quality NJ limo service must be reliable and punctual because it is the main reason for its use. You can’t get the same level of reliability and timeliness from public transportation, a cab service, or rental vehicles. DJ’s Limo will be waiting at the airport, so they monitor flight times to ensure this punctuality. In fact, you can request a curbside pickup or for your driver to meet you within the airport.

Punctuality is a Priority

Their professional drivers make punctuality a reality. They employ the best drivers. In addition to requiring background checks and substance abuse screening, they require comprehensive training which includes a focus on driving skills, area knowledge, and a commitment to professionalism. They take on your schedule as their own, and their drivers will shorten your drive time because they know the best routes, they know traffic traps to avoid, and are familiar with popular destinations. They even specialize in multiple meeting points should your group plan to see several attractions in one day or have numerous consecutive meetings scheduled.

NJ Party Bus

Dependable Limos

The vehicles used to provide your service must be efficient. Every vehicle in the DJ’s Limo fleet has an updated GPS, and they inspect the performance components of each vehicle regularly to make sure that you can trust our service.

Caring Customer Service

If time matters to your trip, as it always does, DJ’s Limo offers an ideal solution. Your vacation time is hard-earned and your success on business trips is important. Don’t waste unnecessary time riding or driving; choose efficiency by choosing DJ’s Limousine Service.

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Benefits of Fords NJ Limo Weddings | 908-241-3393

Benefits of Fords NJ Limo Weddings

Folks are planning well ahead for upcoming weddings and why not? There are definitely steps you can take to make your wedding as smooth as possible and even more beautiful and magical. Just think of how amazing it would be if everything went smoothly and perfectly.

NJ Party Bus Weddings

If you live in Fords, New Jersey or its environs you have the privilege of bringing your wedding a notch higher both in terms of elegance and fun. For more than twenty years DJ’s Limo has been offering excellent limousine service. They are always on time and they are reliable and budget-friendly. This means they can provide the safety and comfort your wedding needs to be complete by serving you with a fantastic party bus.

The party bus will provide you with much-needed space when traveling and offers safety. They have their own very well trained chauffeurs.

  • 26 passenger limo bus

This bus is large enough for everyone on board to move around. This limo bus is equipped with a bathroom which means no stopping on the road or having to hold it all the way which ensures you will be comfortable all the way.

  • 12 passenger Mercedes sprinter Limo bus

The bus comes with the comfort offered by a conventional limo only it is for a lot more people. They have a serious appearance on the outside and they will leave people talking for years to come

  • 20 passenger luxury limo bus

It has the name luxury for a reason. The inside is so cozy you will never want to leave.

The owner of DJ’s Limos, Dominick Glynn, is dedicated to ensuring that all your needs have been met and your big day is a success. If you want limo services in Fords New Jersey look no farther. Just visit the DJ’s limo website and give them a call.

Black Car Service NJ | 908-241-3393

Black Car Service NJ

What New Jersey business does not wish to indulge its business and corporate customers in luxury? It’s a smart strategy that is well worth the effort.

Black Car Service NJ

Happy Clients

In the modern, fast-paced world, business people look for every way to maintain a competitive edge. Life is becoming more demanding with every passing day. Nothing is out of reach within any reasonable budget. So if you place a value on the importance of business relationships, start being the showstopper with your entry in a luxurious limo.

DJ’s Limo: Great Google Reviews and a Superior Choice

Of course, you can choose from the many companies who rent limos for various occasions in New Jersey. Rates depend on the amount of distance you are planning to cover and the required time intervals. The time span definitely defines the package. People generally rent limos for four hours or more. However, this does not imply that you cannot hire it for a longer amount of time or a shorter time. Another important determining factor about the pricing of the services is the model and size of the NJ limo you choose.

Black Car Service NJ

A Dream Come True

Riding in a NJ limo can be everybody’s dream come true. Your business clients can be assured that you will surely get something within your budget from DJ’s Limousine Service. Contact Dominick Glynn for a deluxe ride for a business purpose, wedding or any special occasion. Create a long-lasting impression on your colleagues and clients. If you are attending a party, this is surely the best possible way of turning heads and being the showstopper at once!

Indulge in absolute luxury in these amazing New Jersey business limousines. The limos are luxurious, not only because of their appearance but also because of the various features that come with every model you choose.

Black Car Service NJ

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NJ Business Limousine Rentals

NJ Business Limousine Rentals

New Jersey Party Bus & Limo Service 

NJ Business Limousine Rentals

A limo allows for perfect relaxation after jet lag.

NJ business limousines are the most luxurious and comfortable system of transportation in New Jersey.

New Jersey is a busy state with a mobile population. It is also a destination of many business visitors. Many people fly here for different purposes, whether personal or corporate. But, the NJ limo from and to the airport is a form of transportation that matters a lot. There are many commuting systems outside of the airport, such as the cab, train or bus services, but NJ limousines are something which is totally distinguished from them in terms of coziness, reliability, and amenities.

New Jersey Business Limousine Companies offer many lavish vehicles which give us a feeling of comfort and also makes us feel at home. They are convenient and trustworthy. The limousines are beautiful from the outside and they are packed with all the modern technologies too. They also offer well-mannered and professional chauffeurs who can guide you on your way and can also help you in time-sensitive situations.

Why are limousines a good option for business travel?

Every day many people come to New Jersey and fly into major New Jersey and New York airports. The airports become congested. Each and every person wants to ride a form of transportation where he or she can relax. DJ’s Limousines are trendy vehicles with the latest equipment. Hiring such a service can be a benefit for the people who are coming to the area.


Arriving at the airport early or on time is very important to people who want to catch a flight. If you are a little late, you will miss the plane. If you hire a limo, they will give you a guarantee to reach to the airport at the right time.

New Jersey Business Limousine


NJ limo companies like DJ’s Limousine offer some of the best vehicles and well-trained and well-mannered drivers. These services are so punctual that once you have reserved them, you don’t have to worry. They will reach you at the right time.


The NJ limo service also provides a convenient pick and drop facility. So, if you have a flight, you need not worry about it once you have booked a limo service.

Online Guidance

You can always search for an NJ limo company like DJ’s Limo Service online and by reading the reviews you can assess its reputation. This helps you to decide which one is suitable for you and on which one you can rely.

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New Jersey Wedding Limo Service

New Jersey Wedding Limo Service

Do you really want to worry about airport parking for your wedding guests?

DJ’S Limo has highly qualified drivers who will get you to your destination safely and on time. Their greatest priority is to provide the perfect option for reliable and luxurious transportation for small and large size groups. You can trust DJ’s Limousine Service with reliable and safe door-to-door service to and from all concerts, theatres, music festivals, and party venues everywhere in New Jersey. For these reasons and more, their limousine service is a preferred choice for ground transportation in NJ.

New Jersey Wedding Limo Service

Prom & Graduation Parties

Being a once-in-a-lifetime experience, they always make sure that your teen will never forget their prom or graduation. DJ’s Limo offers packages that are filled with fun and excitement. They know that the safety of your teen matters to you and that is why they have a system that closely maintains contact with each of their drivers during the trip. This enables them to update you on the status of your children promptly to allow peace of mind knowing that they are receiving safe and reliable transportation.

Wedding Limo Services

DJ’S Limo provides superb wedding limo services to their diverse clientele across New Jersey and adjoining areas. Ever since its launch, they are a cost-effective company that delivers outstanding limo transportation to the bridegroom and his bride. Besides, their VIP and deluxe service add glamor to the ambiance of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Amid the exhilaration of the big day, they offer a tranquil excursion that will take you from the church to the honeymoon or other venues that you and your new partner want to attend. Further, they provide a wonderful ride for relatives, guests, and friends to ensure that everyone reaches their destination with the same happiness and gladness.

Corporate Limo Services

For most businesses and organizations, luxury-chauffeured transportation is a service that cannot be underestimated. Employers and corporate executives often have significant needs when traveling and where their transportation is concerned. Besides, they usually do not have the time to try local transportation because of the busy and hectic schedules they face in their daily lives.

Night Out Occasion or Dinner

Whether you want to attend a bachelor/bachelorette party or you just have to go to a nightclub, DJ’S Limousine has no limitation. You are free to choose from popular attractions so you can enjoy the drop-offs to your favorite concerts, or a night of fun with your friends. DJ’s Limousine Service is the perfect complement to your evening because, besides transportation, they will help you to plan any event and make reservations for the night. Also, their luxurious limousines allow you to enjoy mood lighting, your own music or videos played on the system, climate-controlled air and much more.

New Jersey Wedding Limo Service

Airport Limo Service

Your airport pickups and drop off are going to be a prime experience with DJ’S Limousine service. Whether for pleasure or business, you can rely on them to provide the most reliable and professional airport services. Upon arrival, their professional driver will greet you with a smile, assist with your luggage, open and close the car door for you, and assure you of a smooth ride to your destination.

You Can Always Rely On DJ’s Limousine Service

For every occasion, DJ’s Limousine Service has luxury vehicles ranging from stretch limos, exotic cars, and the luxury limo party buses to allow for safe, reliable transportation for the residents of New Jersey and its surrounding areas. Their chauffeurs are continually evaluated to ensure that their driving skills, reliability, and customer service are top-notch and create have positive client feedback. Their primary goal is to give the very best there is in the market to not only meet your expectations but also to make sure they exceed them.

For the most comfortable and stress-free ride, call them now for a free quote.

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