Union County Limo

Union County Limo

Whether you just want an especially fun night on the town, or are celebrating a special occasion, do it in style. When you hire a limousine for the occasion, it seems to become even more special. Renting a car also makes planning the event easier as everyone can travel together. Everyone can travel in style and start the party right from the front door. By choosing a car rental company with a large Limo fleet to select from, you are sure to accommodate everyone. Taking a car with a licensed, experienced driver can also take a lot of stress out of the travel. Your friendly, courteous driver will meet you at the door and make sure you are comfortable. Enjoy extra special treatment for an extra special occasion by taking a Union County Limo. Everyone in your party can arrive at the destination relaxed, happy and ready for more fun.

Union County Limo

Union County Limo | Advantages of Limo Rental

When you rent a Limo for a special occasion, everyone gets to have fun. There is no need for one designated driver who feels left out of the party. You also don’t have to worry about getting everyone to the venue on time. One driver can pick up everyone in your party right at their front door so you can arrive together. The party can start on the way in the car, and you can arrange for whatever refreshments you choose. Also, parking is never an issue as your driver takes everyone straight to the front door. With a Union County Limo rental, you’ll always be on time.

Union County Limo | Celebrate in Style

Celebrations are meant to be special occasions, something to commemorate and remember for a long time to come. For birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties or other milestones, make sure to celebrate in style. Renting a car from a Union County Limo service makes any occasion more special and luxurious. With a driver, you will be able to start the party at your front door and eliminate all the travel woes. You will also be able to start the party in glamorous style. Limousines are comfortable, spacious and make you feel like the glamorous, pampered star of the evening or occasion.

Union County Limo | Weddings

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion, but it also takes a lot of planning and coordinating. With so much you have to plan and attend to, transportation should not be a concern or worry. Having reliable transport to the wedding venue and then to the reception is vitally important. Maybe you are planning to transport a large wedding party and one large car will make getting everyone there easier. When you choose a limousine company with a large fleet, you are sure to find just what you need. No matter the size car you require, the right Union County Limo rental company can accommodate you.

Hiring a limousine for a special occasion can make it more glamorous as well as more enjoyable. You won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost when you hire a professional driver to transport your party. Professional drivers are local residents themselves so they are familiar with local routes and can prepare for any contingencies. They are aware of traffic patterns, congestion and possible detours so they can plan for potential delays ahead of time. Another bonus is you don’t have to worry about parking and your driver will be waiting for you at the end of the night. The right Union County Limo rental company’s fleet will have just the car you need for your special day.

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Union County Limo Bus

Union County Limo Bus

No matter the occasion you’re celebrating, you deserve to celebrate in style. For events like bachelor or bachelorette parties or birthdays, you deserve to treat yourself. Planning a night out with friends and family, however, can be both fun and a little frustrating. Whether it’s for a special occasion like a wedding or milestone birthday, getting everyone coordinated can be hard work. Getting everyone to a venue safely, and at the same time, is a major concern. To make your fun event less stressful, let the fun begin on the way and arrive in style. When you use a car service with a large Limo fleet, you can get everyone there together. And you can let the party start at the front-door. By renting a Union County Limo Bus, you can easily get a large group together. Just arrange for a friendly driver to pick-up everyone and enjoy the ride.

Union County Limo Bus

Union County Limo Bus | Logistics

Coordinating a large event like a bachelor or bachelorette party or birthday has its own rewards. It also has its concerns. Once you have chosen a venue, everyone has to get there, and get there safely. Choosing a designated driver, or several for large parties is fun for most, but a big responsibility for the drivers. When you rent a Union County Limo bus, no one has to drive but everyone gets to enjoy themselves. The driver will pick everyone up door to door so there are no concerns over parking or finding directions. Drivers are familiar with the local area and prepare for all contingencies.

Union County Limo Bus | Affordability

Renting a Union County Limo bus can be surprisingly affordable. You do not have to worry about any potential parking fees or extras that can pop up while driving. Paying for separate taxis or other means of transport can soon add up. A limo bus is the way to go for large groups. When you get a large group together and everyone pays a little, it can be much more affordable. This is especially true if you are planning on making multiple stops. One driver can take you and your group wherever you want to go. The ride is cheaper and the memories and fun on the way are invaluable.

Union County Limo Bus | Extensive Fleet

To make planning an outing with a large party of people easier, choose a car company with an extensive fleet. Whether you are a group of twelve or more than twenty, you should be able to get there in style. The right Union County Limo bus company should take pride in their cars. The vehicles should always be clean and well maintained inside and out. When the company you choose has more vehicles, you are sure to find what you need for your special occasion. For longer distances, ask a representative about a Limo bus fully equipped with a bathroom.

Occasions like weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties are birthdays call for special celebrations. Celebrating these occasions with family and friends makes these events memorable and fun. Planning a large group outing can be stressful, however. You have to make sure everyone is familiar with the directions, and that they can arrive promptly. It might even take some of the fun out the preparations. You might possibly worry about people getting lost and being unprepared for any possible traffic and construction delays. Renting a Union County Limo bus eliminates many of the worries connected with large group outings. Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while someone else takes care of all the logistics and the driving.

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Union County Limo Service

Union County Limo Service

Thinking of hiring a Union County Limo Service for your special event? There are many benefits to using a limo service. It is a practical way to get around. At DJ’s Limousine Service we have a huge selection of limo fleet.

Union County Limo Service

Union County Limo Service | Safety

When hiring a limo service, you are under the care of a professional driver. You can have peace of mind that they are familiar with the area. Therefore, when you hire a limousine service you are in good hands. They are extremely safe and take the stress of driving off of you. Another great benefit of hiring a limo service is the comfort you will be traveling in. Limousines are known for their luxurious interiors and comfortable seating. Driving comfortably to your destination is great no matter where you are going.

Union County Limo Service | Cost-Effective

A limousine can comfortably fit 6 to 10 people. Hiring a limo comes with added comfort. The cost of hiring a limo service is cheaper and much more comfortable than hiring a taxi. After you have had a long flight, there is nothing better than having a limo drive you to your destination without breaking your wallet. When you use a limo service you can also continue working while the driver is in charge of getting you to where you need to go. You can make calls and work while traveling. Now that is convenient!

Union County Limo Service | Reliability

Using a limousine service guarantees that you will reach your destination on time. Limousine services are very reliable. They will be early to pick you up, in case there is some traffic beyond their control. You can also rest assured that your driver is familiar with the area and knows how to make necessary detours to get you to where you are going. If they are taking you to the airport, they will get you there with time to spare. Using a limousine service is not only for travelers, it is also good for people that need to get to a location fast and comfortably.

Union County Limo Service | Efficient

Some great stressors that can be avoided are traffic delays and road construction. Your limousine service company keeps track of any traffic patterns and knows how to avoid them. They also monitor traffic reports throughout the day and evening. They can take an efficient route to your destination. Hiring a limo service, all you need to be concerned about is grabbing your belongings. Everything else will be handled by the limo service.

Union County Limo Service | Celebrations

Using a limo service helps to make special events even more special. One limo vehicle will accommodate the bride and her entire bridal party. You are guaranteed a very comfortable ride before and after your special event. When you use a limo service you can keep family and friends together and arrive at your destination together. No more late guests! There are also no more parking issues. As you arrive at your location, you can just get out and not have to worry about driving around and looking for a parking spot. The limo service has that covered. Your driver will drop you right off at the door and will pick you up at the same place. This also eliminates any fear of walking alone in a dark parking lot.

Searching for the best Union County Limo Service? Give DJ’s Limousine Service a call today! We provide the entire area with professional limousine service and unique limos. We have over 25 years of experience in limo services. At DJ’s Limousine Service, we pay great attention to detail for your luxury transportation needs.

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Cranford Airport Limo

Have you ever used a Cranford airport limo service for your travel? There are a bunch of benefits that an airport shuttle service has to offer. While many see it as an overpriced luxury, this isn’t really the case. Below are some of the top reasons why you should consider a Cranford airport limo service for your next trip.

Cranford Airport Limo | Cost Effective:

Contrary to popular belief, choosing an airport limo service to transport you to and from the airport doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Actually, choosing the right service can save you money! The cost of gas paired with the expense of parking your car at (or near) the airport for an extended period of time can often outweigh the cost of using a comfortable, reliable airport transportation service.

Cranford Airport LimoCranford Airport Car Service | Convenience:

Convenience is something that most people are concerned with, and something that they want in a Cranford airport limo service. They provide services that will enhance your traveling experience without headaches. Using one means that you’ll get dropped off right at the door of your terminal, so you won’t have to worry about transporting luggage from a parking spot, or having to take a taxi from an off-site parking facility.

Airport Limo in Union County | Comfort:

Cranford airport limos are clean and comfortable to ensure your ride is pleasant. You’ll have an adequate-sized vehicle to transport you and anyone else you are traveling with. A professional car service luggage into account, so no need to worry about space!

Airport Limo in Cranford | Safety:

Many people overlook the safety factor when they consider their trip. Parking a vehicle for an extended period of time at the airport is not only costly, but can be troublesome as well. Although the airport does have security, there’s always a risk associated with public parking. Another thing to consider is if you choose to park at a lot not associated with the airport your vehicle may be even less protected.

Looking for the Best Cranford Airport Limo Service?

DJ’s Limo is a Cranford airport limo service that is committed to making your ride luxurious and comfortable. Make your trip more less stressful with one of our luxury vehicles. Count on our over 20 years of experience in limousine service to make the perfect airport transportation! We serve The Union County, NJ area in towns including Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, Millburn, Short Hills, Westfield, and many more! For more information, you can contact us at (908)241-3393 or visit our home page.

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Cranford Party Bus

Renting a Cranford party bus offers a lot of great advantages. Party buses are becoming more and more popular for luxury transportation and are so much more than just transportation. A Cranford party bus is essentially a nightclub on wheels, complete with wet bars, incredible sound systems, dance floors, laser lights, flat screen TVs, and more. Party buses come in many sizes and usually fit between 8 and 40+ passengers! Below are some of the top reasons why you should consider renting a Cranford party bus for your next special outing.

Cranford Party BusCranford Party Bus | No Driving Concerns:

One of the main concerns people have when planning a night out is often how to get home afterwards. Nobody wants to worry about drinking and driving as no one wants to put lives in jeopardy. When you rent a party bus in Cranford for your group, there is no need for a designated driver and you’re ensuring everyone’s safety when traveling to and from your destinations. Every party bus rental is driven by a professional, licensed and insured chauffeur who will transport you and your group wherever you desire and home safely afterwards. With a Cranford party bus rental everyone gets to have as much fun as they want without worry.

Party Bus in Cranford | Convenience:

When you make plans that requires transportation for a larger group of people, it can be difficult to travel together or hop to different locations. Organizing multiple vehicles or Ubers can be frustrating, especially dealing with things such as traffic and parking. When you rent a party bus, all these inconveniences go away. Everyone can travel together to the event or multiple destinations without any hardships.

Party buses come with a professional chauffeur who will pick you at your preferred location and take you to every spot you desire. Whether it’s a special event, restaurant, bar, club, show etc. your party bus driver will wait for you to take you to your next location or bring you back safely when you are done partying.

What’s more, nothing beats party buses when it comes to comfort. Party buses are roomy and vary in sizes to accommodate any sized group comfortably. Some party buses even come with bathrooms.


Cranford Limo Bus | Value:

When going to an event with a large group or planning a day/night out to celebrate a special occasion, party buses can be very economical compared to other options. It is common for groups to pitch in on a Cranford party bus so that they can all travel together. When you do the math, oftentimes a party bus is less than the total cost would be for everyone to pay for individual transportation like Lyft or Uber. Plus the value packed into a party bus rental is unsurpassed when you factor in things like entertainment, safety and convenience which you can’t put a price on.

Limo Bus in Cranford | Party On Wheels:

A party bus is known as the party that goes where you go. The best part about reserving a party bus is that you don’t have to wait to arrive at your venue to begin partying? A party bus allows you to get the party started the moment your ride picks you up. But you don’t need any special event to enjoy a party bus because a party bus can be the venue too. This means you get to party while on the move. This makes party buses perfect for club or bar hopping, wine and beer tastings or having a memorable night on the town.

Union County Party Bus | Make an Impression: 

What better way to make a lasting impression than to celebrate a special occasion or travel with friends to a concert or sporting event in an exciting party bus? Impressing your friends with a special outing is a great way to throw a memorable party. When you rent a party bus you can be sure that your guests will have be talking about your party for a long time.

Looking to Rent a Cranford Party Bus?

DJ’s Limo is a Cranford party bus & limousine service that is committed to making your ride luxurious and comfortable. Make your outing more special with one of our luxury limo buses. Count on our over 20 years of experience in limousine service to make the perfect transportation plan full of fun! We serve The Union County, NJ area in towns including Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, Millburn, Short Hills, Westfield, and many more! For more information, you can contact us at (908)241-3393 or visit our home page.

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Union County Wedding Limo

Union County Wedding Limo

Preparing for your wedding and thinking of hiring a Union County Wedding Limo? Hiring a limousine service for your wedding with a variety of limo fleet is important to the couple. There are many different benefits to hiring a limousine service for that special wedding day.

Union County Wedding Limo

Union County Wedding Limo | Stress-Free

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of different things to think about. Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be stress-free. Your day will run smoothly when you hire a limo service that travels you and your guests to the event. A reputable limo service will get everyone to their destination on time and safely. A professional limo service company employs professional and experienced chauffeurs that know how to provide a joyful and relaxed ride. A very common issue during a wedding is people not eating enough before the big event. With a limo service, they can provide snacks for everyone to have, so they can relax and eat between destinations. It is extremely important to have the wedding couple and party healthy and strong during the event, too.

Union County Wedding Limo | Comfort

Most limo cars are comfortable enough to easily fit 6 to 12 people. As a result, no matter if the event is near or far, your ride will be comfortable and safe. A limo has comfortable seating arrangements where you and your guests can get in quickly and easily. There are several different types of limos to accommodate your party. Hiring the perfect limo service to ride to your wedding with comfort and elegance is important. It is your special day, it is great to go in style.

Union County Wedding Limo | Extras

Limo cars have many other extras in them. They can keep beverages cool and within reach for you and your guests. The tinted windows also provide privacy while traveling. With all the added space a limo provides, everyone inside will feel comfortable and at ease. You and your guests should enjoy the ride as much as possible. Hiring a limo service for your wedding does not have to break the bank. They will work with you to stay within your budget. While this is your time to enjoy your day and not have to worry about getting to your wedding on time or paying extra. The added perks, comfort, and safety make for an unforgettable and memorable day for the couple, their friends, and family that can be cherished forever.

Union County Wedding Limo | Arrive in Style

Your wedding day should be the most special in your life. Choosing a limo that stands out from the rest creates a luxury experience. With a limo service, you can rest assured that everyone will arrive together. Also, renting a limo for your wedding day assures that if anyone has drinks, they will arrive safely at the event and back home. Your group can celebrate your wedding together without any fears. You will be able to make loving memories. A touch of style and elegance is what makes the day truly special.

Searching for the best Union County Wedding Limo service? Give DJ’s Limousine Service a call today! We are a family-owned and operated business. DJ’s Limousine Service prides themselves on having an outstanding and diverse amount of luxury vehicles to offer. We have been serving the Tri-State area for over 25 years. Specializing in all the luxury and executive transportation is our priority. We want to make your wedding day special with our limousine services. At DJ’s Limousine Service, we are extremely grateful to be able to be in union County for over 25 years, and we hope to serve this amazing community for 25 more years to come. Give us a call today for your transportation on your wedding day!

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Millburn Wedding Limo

Looking for the right Millburn wedding limo service isn’t always a simple task. There are so many Millburn limo companies and cars to choose from, so it can be confusing trying to figure which one to go with. While all the options may seem overwhelming, asking a few simple questions could lead you to the best Millburn wedding limo service in the area. Below are some key factors to consider when looking for a limo service in Millburn.

Millburn Wedding Limo | Driver Screening:

Millburn Wedding LimoAny chauffeur hired by a Millburn limo service must take a drug test and have a physical. In addition to these state regulations, many reputable companies will run criminal background checks on prospective employees. Drivers should have a clean driving record and be familiar with the limo company’s service area. Lastly, drivers should be suited to your expectations. Ask how the driver will be dressed and let the limo company know your expectations right away.

Wedding Limo in Millburn | Fleet:

Research the fleet size of your prospective limo company. Though the number of cars isn’t a direct reflection of the quality of the company, this will give you some insight into the company and may help you determine the best company for your specific needs. For instance, small companies generally offer personalized service and heavily focus on one type of service like airport pickups. Medium-sized limo companies may have a variety of vehicles and do everything from airport transfers to proms. While larger limo companies have the capacity to handle corporate accounts and have a wide variety of vehicles ranging from Town Cars and stretch limousines to charter buses.

Millburn Limo Service | Licenses & Associations

Every limo service should have a license number issued by the State that allows the limousine company to legally operate. In order to maintain a license, the DMV requires all limo services to have liability insurance that covers passengers. Make sure the limo service you choose is licensed and registered. In addition to being licensed and registered, a trustworthy limo company should belong to reputable associations such as the National Limousine Association (NLA).

Finally, be sure to check the Better Business Bureau before deciding on a limo service. Here you see your prospective limo company’s rating according to the BBB, as well as any past complaints from customers.

Limo Service Near Millburn | Testimonials:

Take the time to read customer testimonials and reviews on the limo service’s website and look to outside review websites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and even Facebook before you decide on a limo company. Another great place to look for unbiased reviews, especially if you are looking for a limo for your wedding day, is The Knot. Here you can read reviews from brides who actually used these limo services for their big day.

Wedding Limos Near Millburn | Safety:

While safety may not be a fun topic to explore, it’s necessary to research when choosing a limo service. Check to make sure the company you’re considering has a valid certification and liability insurance. What kind of training do their chauffeurs have? Are their vehicles DOT inspected?

Limousine Service Near Millburn | Hours of Operation:

No matter the situation, your limo service should always be accessible and someone should be available to take your call 24 hours a day. This is something you should discuss with your prospective limo service upfront to ensure they can accommodate your schedule from start to finish.

Looking for the Best Millburn Wedding Limo Service?

DJ’s Limo is a Cranford limousine service that is committed to making your ride luxurious and comfortable. Make your wedding day more special with one of our luxury limos. Count on our over 20 years of experience in limousine service to make the perfect transportation plan for your special day. Choose from a variety of chauffeur-driven luxury cars, including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, and more. We serve The Union County, NJ area in towns including Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, Millburn, Short Hills, Westfield, and many more! For more information, you can contact us at (908)241-3393 or visit our home page.

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Cranford Wedding Limos

Cranford Wedding Limos

Cranford wedding limos can make your big day less stressful and more extravagant. While some may see using a wedding limo as an unnecessary luxury, they have quite a few benefits to offer. Are you on the fence about using a Cranford wedding limo service for your wedding? If so, check out some of the following top reasons to hire one:

Cranford Limo ServiceCranford Wedding Limos | Safety:

Cranford wedding limos are very stable and smooth for the best rides. The chauffeurs are highly trained on how to drive them and also make sure that the occupants are safe. If your wonder how they navigate corners without causing accidents, then you need to see them in action to believe. They provide all the safety the couple deserves during their special day.


Wedding Limo in Cranford | Ample Space:

Limos are designed to offer comfort through their spacious interiors. Apart from the leg space which is incredibly significant, these vehicles can be occupied by a large group of people like the whole bridal party. So if you are looking forward to having you and your friends transported together, then be sure to get a limo that can accommodate the whole group.

Cranford Limo Service | Luxurious & Stylish:

Cranford limousines are some of the most luxurious and elegant vehicles one can use. Their interiors are well-finished with luxurious materials and ambiance to make anyone feel like a king or queen. On top of that, limos offer services inside through their experienced service staff. Most of the service revolves around drinks and snacks.

Cranford Wedding Limo Service | It’s Your Special Day:

Limo services are still considered as a luxurious and expensive affair only reserved for special occasions. Indeed they are, and your wedding day is one of that special and rare moment that deserves the best. A good limo will make the day colorful and one that was given thorough preparation. Make sure to go for a Cranford limo service provider who will not fail or provide shoddy services which are embarrassing and disappointing.

Union County Wedding Limos | Professional Service:

Limos, through their professional chauffeurs, are well organized in time, the routes they use and the overall services they offer. Since the wedding is in a single day that is packed with many activities, then limo services contribute to making it a success.

Looking for the Best Cranford Limo Service?

DJ’s Limo is a Cranford limousine service that is committed to making your ride luxurious and comfortable. Make your wedding day more special with one of our luxury limos. Count on our over 20 years of experience in limousine service to make the perfect transportation plan for your special day. Choose from a variety of chauffeur-driven luxury cars, including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, and more. We serve The Union County, NJ area in towns including Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, Millburn, Short Hills, Westfield, and many more! For more information, you can contact us at (908)241-3393 or visit our home page.

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