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DJ’s Limo is the ultimate choice for wedding limousines in New Brunswick New Jersey

There are many important life stages, but a wedding is probably the most celebrated one. If you are about to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with the love of your life, chances are that you are having sleepless nights planning how the day will turn out to be the fairy tale you’ve always dreamed of. Everything you are doing is important given that you want to make everything memorable and hiring a New Jersey wedding limousine will make it even more magnificent. Traveling in a beautiful limo makes the bride and groom feel like a queen and king, not forgetting how special the invitees feel. Limousines are the symbol of loyalty and status and will automatically add a touch of class to the big day. If you are in New Brunswick New Jersey and the surrounding areas and looking for high-class transportation, DJ’s Limo is the ultimate choice.

About DJ’s Limo

DJ’s Limo is a family-owned and operated company that offers reliable, on-time and affordable limousine services in New Jersey. The company started in 1993 as a one car limo operation and after excellent service delivery for more than two decades, they are proud that they have a unique fleet of executive limos that will safely and smoothly take you to the event and back. They offer New Brunswick NJ Wedding Limousine Service to all of New Jersey. They also have a large New Brunswick NJ wedding party bus fleet to ensure that large groups of people arrive at their event together in comfort and class.

They are also frequently the preferred limo service provider for TV reality show stars and celebrities and their success is based on paying close attention to details and uniqueness in offering professional and high-class transportation services. They serve the celebrity world and the corporate world with impeccable services and whereas their sleek sedans are the best for business travel for few individuals, their party coaches and buses are ideal to hold any group size to make your upcoming event memorable.

Over the years, they have served customers with different needs and as a result of their personal touch with them, they have developed the right strategy to accommodate all their needs. With that in mind, their limo services are perfect for weddings and parties from two to fifty-two passengers. They have a wide variety of limos, stretch limousines, exotic limousines and sedan limousines that consist of, but not limited to Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Cadillac Escalade ESV Sedan or Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan.

DJ’s Limo Services

DJ’s Limo has a wide variety of luxurious vehicles designed for multiple transportation purposes for small and large groups of people and if you are looking for a New Brunswick NJ Wedding Limo, they are the ultimate choice for you. They are proud to have a comprehensive and diverse fleet with various sizes, styles, and colors to excellently match a specific theme color of the occasion. They are dedicated to offering a relaxing, reliable and efficient mode of transportation to make the event a success. In addition to providing full transportation services to the tri-state area, they offer high-class transportation from the airport to casino trip services.

Whether you are looking for New Jersey limo service for a bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, prom, birthday party, corporate function, sweet sixteen, weddings, anniversaries, honeymoon, Atlantic City limo, cruise ship transfer, concert, luxury hotels, or leisure travel destinations, DJ’s Limo will get you there in comfort and safety. They will take you to the event and back in style. If you are planning for a New Brunswick NJ Limo wedding, choose them today and they promise you professional services that will help you create lifelong memories.

They understand the importance of time and their services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you choose to work with DJ’s Limo, they will provide a dream limousine and knowledgeable, courteous professional chauffeurs who are committed to making their limo service trouble-free and memorable. Their drivers understand the area and its friendly routes. They will take you to the event on time and in total comfort.

DJ’s Limo Values

At DJ’s Limo, their client’s needs are their main concern. They are dedicated to giving you exceptional services and always want to serve you better. They start by establishing your needs and then use their experience and expertise to shape their services to ensure they match your expectations. They provide a safe transportation experience for their clients. Their drivers go through a thorough background check and special training to help you get to your destination safely. Their beautiful vehicles are well-maintained and are always in good condition to make sure that they are available when you need them.

They value and appreciate a healthy relationship with their clients and therefore, they are here to listen to your needs and serve you effectively. They understand the importance of robust communication and will stay in touch with you even after getting to their destination. Their drivers are courteous and as they drive you around, they will engage you in small talk to give you peace of mind and make you feel comfortable.

DJ’s Limo Fleet

DJ’s Limo boasts a unique fleet from vintage classics such as 1965 Lincoln limo or Rolls-Royce for weddings and sleek Mercedes-Benz sedans for business travel to exotic limousines and state of the art party buses that will take you and your loved ones to all of your special events. They will make you feel special.

DJ’s Wedding Limos

A wedding is like a train that comes once in a lifetime and should create memories you can remember all of your life. Having a grand entrance on the wedding day will not only make you feel special but also make your guests comment on how elegant the wedding was. DJ’s Limo is determined to provide a touch of class to the big day and with their many years of experience, they will make a special transportation plan for you, your relatives and close friends. They have a variety of luxurious limousines that are driven by professional chauffeurs and they are certainly your ideal choice for a wedding limo New Brunswick NJ.

DJ’s Party Bus

DJ’s Limo offers a world-class fleet of NJ party buses that will transport you and your special friends from their event and back in comfort and style. Their party buses have extraordinary features that will make you relax and enjoy the ride. These buses are perfect for weddings, sweet 16 events, sightseeing, airport transfers, parties and any other occasion that demands high-class transportation of up to 55 people. NJ limo buses come with amazing features such as a full restroom, state of the art surround system with CD/DVD player, refreshment area and leather interior couches for comfort.

DJ’s Limo Fleet

Limos are luxurious and comfortable. Choosing one from DJ’s Limo will make the event colorful. They boast a wide range of exotic limos and stretch limos and promise that you will find the right one for your upcoming event. They also have Lincoln Town Car stretch limos and other specialty vehicles for all of your transportation needs.

Here is their fleet that will help you make an informed decision depending on your personal preferences.

  • Antique Rolls Royce
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Lincoln Town Car Executive L
  • Lincoln Continental Livery Edition
  • Mercedes S550#102
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV
  • 8-10 Passenger Lincoln Limousine
  • 10 Passenger Chrysler 300 Limousine
  • 12 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limobus
  • 20 Passenger Luxury Limobus
  • 26-42-48-52 Passenger Luxury Buses

Why you should choose DJ’s Limousine

Professional chauffeurs

They have a team of professionally trained and experienced chauffeurs who are always willing to serve you with the respect you deserve. They are cheerful and will drive you around in safety and style. Their down-to-earth drivers are willing to go above and beyond to provide all of their clients with a safe and superb experience in their wedding limousines in New Brunswick New Jersey. Besides, they’ll treat you with courtesy, will open the door for you and adjust the temperature in the limo according to your wish. They will also make sure you are comfortably seated in the leather seats and carpeted floor on your feet as you enjoy the soft drinks and mineral water, they provide you with.

Time sensitivity

They are also sensitive to not be late for your event. Once you choose DJ’s Limousine, their chauffeurs will arrive at your doorstep at least 10 minutes before the departure time and will patiently wait for you to get ready. They will assist you to safely get in the limo and if you have any luggage, they will ensure it gets to the car safely. In addition, their drivers will use the shortest and safest routes to ensure that you get to the event in comfort, safety and on time.


Flexibility is what sets us aside from competitors. The luxurious limo services are available to all clients throughout the year and whether you want to get the best in class on January, July or December, they are here for you. They understand that their clients have different financial capabilities and their objective is to meet all your needs. That way, they have different services to choose from, depending on your personal needs and affordability. They also have a team of dedicated customer representatives who are available to answer all of your questions and assist you in making the right choice for the occasion.

New Brunswick New Jersey Limo

Variety of limousines

DJ’s Limo is the preferred choice for anyone looking for world-class New Brunswick NJ limo wedding transportation. They have a wide variety of luxurious limousine and without a doubt, you’ll find one that meets your requirements, preferences, and conveniences. Limousines differ and you are free to choose the one that best fits the event. What makes them stand out is that they cannot assign one vehicle for two or more occasions being held on the same day and this gives you peace of mind knowing that the limo you choose is available to serve you only. Their classic limousines are available in different sizes and models and it’s up to you to choose the one you want based on the number of passengers you have.

Limo Luxury

Their classic limos are a true definition of luxury, comfort, and sophistication and will make your event a permanent memory in your life. They are committed to excellent customer service delivery and all of their rides will give you a prestigious and exclusive entry and exit to the special event and back. Their professionally trained chauffeurs will provide you and your friends with a very special transportation experience and help you get to the destination in style.

NJ Limo Safety

Limo transportation adds fun to the event and at the same time ensures your safety. The primary responsibility of their chauffeurs is to provide a great transportation experience and make it back home safely. Whenever you choose their services, their drivers will drive you around in their well-maintained limos and help you get to the occasion safely and smoothly. Their chauffeurs also have a good understanding of the area.

What to consider when using their limo services

The success of their business is based on the “Terms of Agreement”. To serve you better, there are some rules and guidelines They are placed into effect for your safety. For instance, the doors must always be locked, emergency contacts must be provided to the driver, there is no drinking, no drugs, no smoking, the sunroof must be locked at all times and more. Once you choose to work with DJ’s Limousine, they promise you nothing less than professional services. To make it even better, their their-trained chauffeurs will provide you with various enjoyable amenities such as:

  • TV
  • Privacy partition
  • A refreshment area particularly in stretch limousines
  • Digital sound
  • Door to door service

New Brunswick New Jersey Limousine

Final thoughts

Life becomes better and bearable because of the memories you can create. There are several life events and whereas others take place once in a while, others only happen once in a lifetime. If you want your upcoming event to make a difference in your life and create memories you can remember all of your life, consider high-class transportation to and from the event. DJ’s Limo is here for you and they offer professional limousine services to make the event colorful. Their classic vehicles are safe, chauffeured by professional drivers, come with loaded amenities, have spacious accommodations and other features that help you to relax and enjoy the ride. They are a phone call away. Call them and talk to their representatives to make the booking or visit them to get a free price quote to decide the specific service you’ll need to spice up your upcoming event.

Things To Do in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Stunning Westfield New Jersey Wedding Limousines

Stunning Westfield New Jersey Wedding Limousines

Westfield New Jersey Wedding Limousines

A wedding is a precious thing that needs proper arrangements and planning. If should be fun but it also requires attention to matters regarding transportation.

The Wedding Day

A wedding day also requires total attention. The day means fancy things that are not only appealing to relatives but also to other invited guests. Nobody is willing to have this special event appear normal. People should have fun and experience the best thing that will keep them remembering this crucial day.

New Jersey Wedding Limousines

Modern NJ wedding limousines can make your wedding a fantastic one and that is why DJ’s Limousines is an excellent option in NJ. They provide comprehensive limousine services to people for weddings and other special events.

Westfield New Jersey Wedding Limousines

DJ’s Limo gives great attention to clients who trust them for their services. They give the best services that will make customers feel like coming back to them. The young and dynamic businessman Dominick Glynn has great experience in customer service and is always be ready to give you the best service when it comes to wedding limo services.

An Expanding NJ Limo Fleet

The company is also expanding its limo fleet services to clients and caters to everybody in need. They have a wide variety of vehicles such as luxury limousines, wedding party buses, and appealing exotic cars.

At DJ’s Limousine service in Garwood, located near Westfield, you will find professionals doing their duties in an extraordinary way.

They have all types of limousines for different occasions and DJ’s Limo has many years of experience doing these services. They always make the occasion awesome and unique and you can count on them to find awesome limousines for your big day.

Graduations and Special Events

The limos are not only for wedding days but also for events such as graduations and other special occasions. They have well-trained drivers who give the best services on your special day.

Make your party appealing by hiring your limo from among the best Westfield New Jersey Wedding Limousines. You will never regret having trusted them with your day.

Reserve Now

This special Westfield New Jersey Wedding Limousine requires prior notice in order to make your day wonderful. There is a need to let them know about the event day and also how you would like it managed.

Choose DJ’s Limousine for your special event to get the best services. You will never regret having chosen them for your special day.

Points to Consider When Hiring an NJ Limo Service

Points to Consider When Hiring an NJ Limo Service

Wouldn’t you enjoy a ride in a New Jersey limousine? After all, limousines add style, charm, and elegance to any event or occasion. The best way to add to the enjoyment of your special event is to ride in a limousine. In fact, in New Jersey, limousines are very popular for transporting guests and celebrities during grand celebrations or special events.

New Jersey Limousine Service

A Unique Experience

For many, riding in a limousine is only a dream that can be realized once in a lifetime. Usually, people tend to reserve this experience only for certain memorable events in life such as a wedding, birthday, prom, or a bachelor or bachelorette party. Unfortunately, hiring a limousine service can be a daunting experience unless you are acquainted with the process. Fortunately, reserving from DJ’s Limos is an extremely easy and convenient process even for someone hiring a limo for the first time.

Type of Limo

Most important is to determine the type of limo that is needed for the occasion. DJ’s Limousine is a limo company that has a wide range of limousine models available on a rental basis. Selecting one from such a large fleet of limos can often be a complicated exercise unless you figure out what you exactly need. To determine this, just identify the number of people who will be traveling in the limousine for the event. If you have a small group of three to four people, hire a smaller limousine such as a luxury Town Car. Hiring a small vehicle will definitely cost you less and would consume less fuel. On the other hand, when the group is considerably larger, a stretch limousine or party bus might be a better choice. In addition, you can even check for some other larger limo models that are available with the service.

New Jersey Limousine Service

Length of Time

Once you have determined the number of people in the group and the type of vehicle you require, the second item that you need to think about when hiring a limousine from DJ’s Limos is the duration of time that you will need the limousine. Most of the limousine rental services in New Jersey do specify a minimum rental time for which you must hire a limo, particularly during weekends and on special occasions. In fact, during events such as wedding season or holidays, limousine rental companies even increase the minimum rental time because of the demand.

The best way to calculate the rental time of your limo is to determine the time at which you wish to arrive at the event and then estimate when you would like to be taken home. Just add an hour to your arrival and departure time. This way, you can easily accommodate any minor time alterations that can happen in between.

Finally, whenever hiring an NJ limousine service, always negotiate in terms of the hourly rate. This will help you to save a good amount of money, particularly in situations where you are opting for expensive limousine models. In addition, many limousine rental service companies tend to reduce prices for new customers.

New Jersey Limousine Service

The guidelines mentioned above will assist you in understanding the procedures for hiring a limousine service. By following these simple rules, you can handle the limousine rental process just like any other professional. In addition to these guidelines, be sure that you select a limo rental agency that is reputable, reliable, provides air-conditioned vehicles, offers prompt service, and gives maximum importance to customer satisfaction.

Never choose a limo rental agency just because it provides vehicles at affordable rates.

Metuchen NJ Amazing Limousines

Metuchen New Jersey Limousines

DJ’s Limos is a limousine transportation company that has always experienced steady growth. The company has utilized technology and innovation to improve its services enabling it to be a leading company in the New Jersey limousine industry.

Dynamic Leadership with Dominick Glynn

Metuchen NJ Limos

The success of the company has been reliant on the dynamic leadership of Dominick Glynn. This young entrepreneur is devoted and focused on taking the company’s operation to the next level. The company offers an extensive range of luxury limousines for events such as wedding ceremonies, business trips, anniversaries, and other events.

Most children would automatically wish to do better than their parents. This kind of wish is the best fit to describe Dominick Glynn, who manages this leading New Jersey limousine company. What a young entrepreneur like him can do in technologically advanced age can only be imagined. His management has provided a modern touch to the extent that the customers congratulate him for the achievements he has made. Dominick Glynn is focused on customer satisfaction and he has achieved it successfully. DJs Limo’s clients have consistently expressed their joy following the success of a variety of parties and events. This is the driving force that has given their limo customers the best experience ever since. Moreover, DJS Limo has been in service since 1993. This means that the company has accumulated enough experience and expertise which attracts even more customers.

Metuchen NJ Limos

Dominick Glynn offers a great fleet of Metuchen New Jersey limos to choose from, depending on the size of the events. The company under his leadership offers its services to Metuchen New Jersey residents in a professional manner to accommodate all types of people using the service. There are also vehicles for anniversaries, business trips, wedding ceremonies, and parties. The fleet comprises of limo-buses, wedding limos, Lincoln limousines, checkered cab, luxury limousine coaches, luxury Mercedes sprinter, Rolls Royce Phantom and other vehicles you might need. For all the vehicles in the fleet, the seats are classy, comfortable and spacious. They are also designed to take care of the customers’ well-being. All the services provided are affordable depending on your budget thus giving you an opportunity to treat your family well.

Metuchen NJ Limos

Free Quotes

In addition, the company offers a free service to all the potential customers who want to have a quotation. This is an amazing and customer responsive company operated by Dominick Glynn. It does not end there, DJs Limo have diversified interests. Lastly, DJs Limo has ensured transparency in order to enable existing customers to share their experiences with potential clients.

The World of New Brunswick NJ Wedding and Prom Limos

The World of New Brunswick NJ Wedding and Prom Limos

There are different stages in life but a wedding is the most celebrated stage. The moment that you walk down the aisle to say “I do” with the love of your life is without a doubt a special moment in your life. The couple prepares adequately to make the most out of their day. They buy the best suits, the most gorgeous wedding dress, look for the best venue for the reception and the best chefs they can ever find. Similarly, you should consider a type of transportation that will add a touch of class to your occasion, and DJ’s Limousine is here to help.

DJ’s Limo has been in the limo services since 1993 and they are proud to serve people from New Jersey and the surrounding areas with reliable ground transport to their occasions, and will also be more than willing to serve you during your big day. Whether you are looking for exceptional transportation during your wedding, business trip, bachelor/bachelorette party, they have the right exotic limousines to accommodate you and your friends.

The Fleet

For more than two decades, they have served different customers with amazing transportation needs. Their objective is to meet the needs of all their clients and therefore, they have a diversified fleet of vehicles for you to choose the one you want based on your preferences. What makes them stand out is that their vehicles are chauffeured by drivers who are not only licensed and certified but also professionally trained and experienced and will provide the highest standards of service and professionalism.

Their fleet contains New Brunswick NJ Prom Limousines, 20 passenger luxury limobus, 12 passenger Mercedes sprinter limobus, 10 passenger Chrysler 300 limousine, 10 passenger Lincoln limousine, 26 passenger luxury limobus with bathroom, 8 passenger Lincoln limousine, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Mercedes Benz S550, Lincoln continental livery edition, Lincoln town car executive L, rolls Royce phantom, and antique Rolls Royce.

New Brunswick NJ Prom Limousines

At DJ’s Limo, they are committed to serving their customers with high-class transportation needs. With their New Brunswick NJ Prom Limousines, you will not only enjoy the ride but you’ll make a name for yourself and the people who see you in it will have nothing but envy you. They have very fair pricing for New Brunswick NJ Prom Limousines to ensure that your travel to and from your occasion in comfort and style without necessarily draining your bank. Our New Brunswick NJ Prom Limousines will have a trained chauffeur that will provide you with various enjoyable amenities such as a refreshment area, TV, private partition, digital sound, step on tour guide, door to door service and more.

NJ Wedding Limo

For more than 20 years, DJ’s Limo has built a reputation for themselves and will make flawless transportation plans for your big day. We have a diversity of chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles for you to choose from, such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz among others. We are committed to providing safe transportation for your needs and our dedicated staff will pay attention to your details to ensure you get first-class services. Their wedding limo has amazing features like diverse seating capacity to accommodate small and large groups, AM/FM stereo with disc player, upgraded fabric and seats, upgraded electrical system video and audio system among others.

Limo Bus | Party Bus

At DJ’s limousine, they also pride themselves with a variety of buses you can choose from depending on the occasion and your personal preferences. Their NJ party bus transportation services are reliable and convenient and will make your special day even more enjoyable. Our chauffeur-driven buses are ideal for bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings and other forms of parties.

Limo Fleet

 f you wish to travel to your event in style and luxury, DJs Limo is your ideal choice as they have a variety of stretch limos, exotic cars and party buses waiting for you. First things first, you cannot get enough of their classic 1965 Lincoln Continental and other Lincoln town cars that will ensure you get to your destination in class. Other fleets to be proud of include Lincoln limousines, Chrysler 300, checkered cab, luxury limousine coaches, New Brunswick NJ Prom Limousines and 42-48-52 passenger luxury buses.

Alternative Ways To Use NJ Limos

Alternative Ways To Use NJ Limos

Gone are the days in which the use of NJ limo services are restricted to specific events in our lives, such as weddings or proms. Who says that adults aren’t allowed to splurge on fun nights without having to worry about calling a cab or any other transportation details? While most people don’t usually think of using limos for anything outside of a wedding or prom, there are other many uses for New Jersey limos. It is the intention of this article to discuss some alternative ways you could use a limousine in an effort to help people realize that these car services can be used for non-traditional purposes.

NJ Limos

The First Way

The first alternative way you could use a limousine is for going to sports or concert events. No matter how often you might go to sporting events or concerts, limos are a great way to take advantage of the entire outing without having to worry about the details regarding your transportation. In doing so, you will be able to take fully enjoy the actual event by letting loose and perhaps even partaking in more indulgence.

The Second Way

The second alternative way you could use a NJ limousine is for date night. Guys listen up. if you want to impress your significant other, consider renting a limo for the night. By going the extra mile to demonstrate that you planned the evening by taking care of reservations and transportation, you are sure to score big points with your significant other. This is true regardless of whether you have date night once a week or only on your anniversary. So, go the extra mile in planning your dates by renting a limo to take you and your date out for the night. The third alternative way you could use a limousine is for transporting relatives to and from the airport. Take a load off of yourself and have a limo service pick up your family members or friends so that you will have one less thing to stress about.

NJ Limos

Although limos have been and will continue to be utilized traditionally for weddings, prom night or even funerals, few people realize that they can be used for many more events in our lives. This is relevant with respect to special events that may occur frequently or infrequently.

Utilizing limos for many different occasions will not only diminish your stress but also give you the opportunity to enjoy the special events in your life more than if you were distracted because you were maneuvering through traffic or looking for parking spaces.

Westfield NJ Limo Fleet

DJ’s Limo is one of the top limousine companies in New Jersey that offers all types of exotic and elegant vehicles for hire. Their limousines range from wedding vehicles, party buses, corporate vehicles, and airport transfer vehicles. If you have an event, and you want to arrive in style, you should consider hiring a limousine from DJ’s Limo.

Westfield NJ Limo Fleet

  1. Antique luxury vehicles

If you love exotic cars, Westfield NJ Limo Fleet has got you covered. Antique cars are very fashionable and classy for any event. DJ’s Limo offers you a chance to experience their Antique Rolls Royce luxury vehicle. Additionally, you can have their Rolls Royce Phantom which is quite classy.

  1. Exotic Sedan Vehicles

If you do not have a large group of people for transfers, you can consider the exotic sedans from DJ’s Limo. There are a variety of sedan vehicles to choose from. They include Lincoln Town Car Executive and the Lincoln Continental Livery Edition. Once you contact the Westfield NJ Limo, they will be able to explain to you the different services that are offered when you hire these vehicles.

Westfield NJ Limo Fleet

  1. Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Mercedes Benz vehicles are mostly used for corporate and red carpet events whereby you want to arrive in a luxurious style. They include the Mercedes Benz S550 #101 and the Mercedes Bens S550 #102. They are new models in the market and have a sleek look to give you the experience you need

  1. Limousines

Limousines are mostly used in weddings when the couple is arriving for their reception. At Westfield NJ Limo Fleet, you will get the exotic Cadillac Escalade ESV and stretch limousines. The stretch limos can carry from 8 to 10 passengers, and they include the 10 passenger Lincoln limousine, 10 passenger Chrysler 300 Limousine and the eight-passenger Lincoln Limousine.

  1. Party Buses

The party buses are ideal if you have celebrations such as birthdays, engagement parties and weddings. They are used to carry many people in an executive way. They are fitted with facilities such as music player, TV, executive seats, lighting, and a refreshment area. The party buses at DJ’s Limo include 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter LimoBus and the 20 passenger Luxury LimoBus. Additionally, they have a unique 26 passenger luxury Limo Bus that has a bathroom making it ideal when transporting a large number of people.

Westfield NJ Limo Fleet

The Leadership of DJ’s Limo

DJ’s Limo has been providing the limo services in New Jersey since 1993. Throughout the years, the company has been under the leadership of a dynamic entrepreneur, Dominick Glynn. Throughout the two decades that they have been in the market, Dominic Glynn has strived to make sure that Westfield NJ Limo Fleet is the top in the industry. Moreover, he has made the company gain reputation due to the affordable process for their fleet, the availability of the vehicles, professional drivers and quality in-class limo services.

If you want to enjoy the finest luxury vehicles, you should contact DJ’s Limo for a free quote. Whether, you are traveling for business, going to a wedding reception, party transfers and celebrity transportation, DJ’s Limo, have everything you need.


Lodi NJ Wedding Limos

Everyone wants to enjoy a memorable and beautiful wedding. One of the ways of enhancing your wedding day and experience is by hiring a limousine. You can hire a limousine to transport the bride to the wedding location or hire a stretched limousine that can accommodate close friends and family.

If you are looking for top New Jersey Limousines, look no further than the DJ’s Limo. You will get a wide range of limousines to choose for any occasion that you have. DJ’s Limo has been in the industry for over 20 years offering quality limo services around New Jersey, where they have to build a strong reputation among the residents.

Why should you consider DJ’s Limo services?

The DJ’s Limo services were started in 1993 by the owner, Dominick Glynn, who is a renowned, dynamic businessman in New Jersey and has continued with the family tradition of offering quality limousine services. Here are the reasons why DJ’s Limo has remained the top in the industry.

  1. Affordability

Most people shy away from hiring limousines for their weddings and events due to the high prices involved. If you are planning a wedding or an event with a small budget, you should go for DJ’s Limo, and you will get limos within your affordability. At DJ’s Limo, there are different packages to accommodate everyone.

  1. Experienced

DJ’s Limo is quite experienced as they have provided quality limo services for over two decades. With this, they have mastered the needs of the residents of New Jersey and how to meet those needs. With the 20 years, they have been able to get the best limousine models that offer the beauty and comfort you need in a wedding. If you are looking for a service that will give you the best service, then look no further. Having a company that has over 20 years’ experience in event organization is no mean task. Never take a risk with your event, only hire companies that have the capacity to deliver an exact service.

  1. They are always on time

When you hire limousine services for DJ’s Limo, they will not fail you. They are always on time for your transportation. Once you book their services, you do not have to worry about being late for your wedding or event.

  1. Luxurious vehicles

One of the reasons why DJ’s Limo is highly reputable in New Jersey is due to their range of luxurious vehicles. They have a fleet of limousines to choose from. No matter the kind of transport you want, you will get it at DJ’s Limo.

  1. Professional drivers

DJ’s Limo is committed to offering their customers with safe transport, and this can be achieved by hiring the best limousine drivers in the market. The drivers are courteous, and they will treat you and your friends with respect. They are also knowledgeable about the different places in New Jersey. Before the drivers are hired, they are first trained to offer you with quality services and avoid problems during your transportation. Therefore, you get a trouble-free transfer from your location to your destination.

6. Best Limousines

The Lodi NJ Wedding Party Bus is well fitted with modern and luxurious facilities and services. They ensure you are comfortable during your transportation. The different limousines have different facilities, and you should select the right one based on your needs and budget.

  1. Free quote

At DJ’s Limo, you get a free quotation. The customer service representatives will explain to you the different fleet they have, and you will be able to choose the one that matches your needs. Once you have selected, you get a free quote. To get the free quote, you can call DJ’s Limo or leave a message at their website.

DJ’s Limo Fleet

At DJ’s Limo, there is a fleet of limousines to select the one that suits your wedding or event. They include;

  1. Stretch Limo

The stretch limos are ideal for weddings. If you want transportation for a group of people about 8-14, you should consider the stretch limos. They include the eight-passenger Lincoln Limousine, the ten passengers Chrysler 300 Limousine, and the ten passengers Lincoln Limousine. The stretch limos are fitted with disco lighting, music players, TV screens and refreshments.

  1. Exotic cars

The exotic cars from DJ’s Limo provided you with class and elegance as you arrive for your wedding or event. They are world-class cars and highly valuable. With this type of cars, your wedding day will remain memorable for the rest of your life. They include the Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Lincoln Town Car Executive L, Lincoln Continental Livery Edition, and Cadillac Escalade ESV.

  1. Luxury Limo Buses

The luxury limo buses are used to transport a large group of people of up to 30 passengers. They are ideal for wedding parties whereby you want your guests to arrive in style and class. The luxury limo buses offer the comfort that your guests need. They are fitted with safety measures as they accommodate many people. They include 12 passengers Mercedes Sprinter limo bus, the 20 passenger luxury limo bus, and the 26 passenger luxury limo bus that is fitted with a bathroom.

  1. Antique Limos

If you want to arrive in an antique luxury vehicle, DJ’s Limo will have you sorted. Their main antique vehicle is the Antique Rolls Royce which is quite exotic for any event.

If you want luxury transportation of your wedding day or event, you should consider the DJ’s Limo services. All you need is to contact them, choose the limousine you want, get a free quote and make a booking.


Limo Near Me NJ

Limo Near Me NJ

If you have used your smartphone for searches like “Limo Near Me NJ” you have probably wondered if you are getting the best search results. It is important to keep in mind that this type of search is strictly based on geography and a high search ranking does not necessarily mean you have identified the best-qualified limousine services company for your needs.

Limo Near Me NJ

Limo Near Me NJ > What This Means

Smartphone searches can produce wildly different results. As a result, it pays to be aware of who the most reliable limousine providers are in your immediate area.

Why DJ’s Limos

DJ’s Limos is owned and managed by Dominick Glynn, a dynamic young entrepreneur who took over the long time family owned business from his father. He continues the family tradition of quality limousine service for New Jersey residents.

Limos Near Me NJ

Limos Near Me | DJ’s Limousine

If limo near me or limousine near me does not produce a result that includes DJ’s Limos, make sure you visit their website to learn more.

NJ Limos for Every Purpose

June weddings are just around the corner. What type of limousine are you considering? A conventional sedan type limousine? A party bus? DJ’s Limos has them all!

NJ Prom Limo

DJ’s Limos is the perfect choice for NJ Prom Limos. The limo fleet selection is amazing and it is the perfect way for your group to start together throughout the evening.

Limo Near Me NJ

Limousine services provide a service like no other available as they provide you with safety, loaded amenities, no waiting, a professional driver, spacious accommodations and more. A professional limo service can have limos ready for you to book to include almost every type of limo you can imagine.

Making the Right NJ Limo Choice

Finding the right type of limousine for your special event may seem difficult; however, with a professional NJ limousine service, you will be provided with a wide range of choices. The great news is that traveling with the use of a professional and experienced chauffeur also helps you to avoid trying to hail a taxi. If you want to impress that important business client, you don’t want them to have to travel in a crowded cab. Reserve a spacious limo that lets them know you value their business.

If you want to make sure the transportation that your teen has to and from their prom is safe and also fun, use a limousine service that has rules and guidelines already in place to ensure the safety of young riders. Things such as the sunroof being locked at all times, no drinking, group leaders chosen and names given to the driver, emergency contacts given to the driver, no smoking, no drugs, the divider always locked and more, are measures professional limousine services are including in their “Terms of Agreement” for the safety of all occupants.

Limos Near Me NJ

When you need to reserve a professional transportation service for a special event in order to accommodate large or small parties going to destinations such as proms, weddings, a group tour, a business meeting and more, use a professional NJ limousine service. You can get professional limo services with a trained chauffeur that can provide you with a host of enjoyable amenities such as:

• A refreshment area (in larger limos)
• Uniformed chauffeur
• TV
• Privacy partition
• Digital sound
• Door to door service
• Step on tour guides and more!

When choosing NJ limousine services, make sure you are dealing with a company like DJ’s Limos that has many years of providing services to satisfied customers. Those in the limousine business have become aware that they are not just providing their customers with a luxurious ride, but are also sharing in the event with them. For this reason, it is important to select a company that has gone the extra mile by providing you with a large selection of limos to choose from that will fit your need according to your event.

Limo Near Me

Call today and rent a limo for your special event from the professionals in limousine services that actually care if you have an enjoyable time. Booking a vehicle of your choice is quick and easy and can start the moment you pick up the phone. Memories are for a lifetime, so why not make the most of your special event and book a well-equipped vehicle from a reputable company to make to most of your experience.


Choosing a Lodi NJ Limousine


Choosing a Lodi NJ Limousine

Lodi New Jersey area limousines are more than just cars. They offer an impressive ride no matter where you need to go. It is very common for individuals to turn to a local company and for many, DJ’s Limos in Garwood has proven to be an ideal choice.

Lodi NJ Limousine

Not all limos are the same and if you choose the wrong one, you could end up facing some expensive mistakes along the way. No matter if this is for your prom or wedding, the right vehicle is going to make an impression on you and your guests if you take the time to choose the right one.

What to Keep in Mind

As you consider the New Jersey limousines available to you for your needs, notice the options the company offers. Most companies will have more than one option for you to consider and that is a good thing. Your requirements need to fit with what is available to you but you also need to consider your budget and what limos are available on the day of your event. This can range widely from one company to the next. The following are some things to keep in mind as you select a company to rent a limo from for your day.

Lodi NJ Limousine

Size is often the first question and the most important aspect. You need the right sized limousine so it will fit with your group needs. Consider how many people you need to place into the vehicle as well as how much room you need to consider.

Features may also be important to you. Many times, having the right features can help to make your experience better. Things like a refreshment area, digital sound and other features can really make the limo more enjoyable.

Are you looking for more than just a place to sit? Some new styles allow you to get up if you would like to. This might be an option from the company you rent from depending on what they offer.

You also want the vehicle to be in good overall condition. It needs to be the right price but you don’t want something that doesn’t ride well. That could affect your overall experience.

Lodi NJ Limousine

As you consider the options in limousines, remember that you have plenty of options to consider. You might want to sit in a few and determine which one is going to be the most impressive option for your needs. Only you know what you expect this vehicle to provide to you and you should not have to limit yourself with the wrong option overall. Go for what is going to impress you and everyone in your group.

Dominick Glynn, the dynamic young entrepreneur who operates DJ’s Limo, can place you in the best limos for your needs.