DJS Football Limo Bus

DJS Football Limo Bus

Everyone wants to travel safe and relaxed while heading to a game. Nobody wants to be in haste while going to cheer up your best team. For you and your buddies, this is one of the biggest concern. None of you would want to miss any part of the game in the name of failed transport means. With DJS Limo, all these worries have been taken care of.


DJS Limo service is an exact representation of the cliché, “sit back and relax.” The safety is guaranteed by the US Department of Transportation through State Regulations, which are strictly adhered to. Dominick Glynn is committed to complete enjoyment and customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art safety measures utilized by the limousine bus remove any doubt in the client’s mind. There is the in-time inspection of the tires, first aid kits, air-conditioners, fire extinguishers, and sunroof test, to mention but a few. All of these services are geared towards making you feel safe throughout the journey.

Time Saving

It is essential to factor in the time-saving benefit in any journey you contemplate on. Booking a DJS Limo bus saves you a lot of hassle. The driver is always on time to pick you and your buddies up at the agreed point. After the game, the bus is ready to pick you all up at once and take everyone to your destination. The driver’s knowledge of the best routes is an excellent way to save time.


There is no worst nightmare than missing a means of transport for an anticipated football game. Investing in a DJS Limo bus guarantees a reliable means of transport that will see you through the entire journey, in time. The days of trying to haste to catch a bust are long gone with limo bus in the industry.

Reduced bus rates

The bus rates on a limo website enable one to plan travelling with saving in cost and time. There is room for inquiries about the number of travellers go defray costs.

The Takeaway

The solutions named above are enough to have you relaxed while contemplating transportation for your football team. With these advantages, you cannot have an excuse for missing a game. You don’t want to abolish the zeal for the football fans during the last minute.

Some of the events to expect at MetLife Stadium before the end of this year include:

  • Sunday, October 15th – Jets vs. Patriots
  • Sunday, October 22nd – Giants vs. Seahawks
  • Sunday, October 29th – Jets vs. Falcons
  • Thursday, November 2nd – Jets vs. Bills
  • Sunday, November 5th – Giants vs. Rams
  • Sunday, November 19th – Giants vs. Chiefs
  • Sunday, November 26th – Jets vs. Panthers
  • Sunday, December 3rd – Jets vs. Chiefs
  • Sunday, December 10th – Giants vs. Cowboys
  • Sunday, December 17th – Giants vs. Eagles
  • Sunday, December 24th – Jets vs. Chargers
  • Sunday, December 31st – Giants vs. Redskins

Contact DJS Limo for the best New Jersey Football Limousine Bus Services to take you and your buddies to the game.


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