Limousine Night Out Menlo Park New Jersey

There are many reasons why problems can occur regarding the transportation of a night out group. Dominick Glynn and DJs Limo are happy to help you avoid these problems.

Here is what you should know:

● An NJ limousine service is mostly a transporter and not an arranger. We recommend that you prepare in advance for the needs of your group in advance. Please don’t expect the limo company to arrange your party, but they will be glad to offer suggestions based on their experience.
● It’s important to inform them in advance if there are any disabled people will be transported, and the extent of their disability. This includes those in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and assisted by a cane. Different types of disabilities can create various levels of delay and then they must take this into consideration to maintain safe and efficient limousine transportation.
● They recommend that your group appoint a person to act as a liaison with DJs Limos. The person will make sure that when a shuttle is scheduled, determinations are made as to whether more than one trip should be scheduled. Dominick Glynn and his staff can help you to enact a Coordinator plan.

● Destination Expectations – the transporter and coordinator, should be equally aware of how, where and when traffic can affect the successful transportation of your group. They will help your Coordinator to make these decisions accurately.
● Please always remember that DJs Limo is a transporter, not an organizer. This is why it’s so important to appoint a coordinator for the event. Work together with this dependable company for a successful event.

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