Have you ever been in a North Jersey limousine? It is not as uncommon as you may think. A North Jersey limousine is typically a large, luxurious vehicle with a partition separating the passenger’s section from the driver’s area. The vehicle seats many people comfortably, leaving you plenty of leg and backroom.


Limousines, in their most classic form, are now used by everyone. They are always fitted with air conditioning, and heat. Limos are commonly used by celebrities as well. There is no reason why anyone who desires to travel in style should miss out on the luxury of limousines!

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One of the most unique features of limousines is its unique service and attention to detail. When traveling in a limousine in North Jersey, a passenger will never be left with the need to stand in line or wait for long periods. Our professional chauffeurs greet their passengers with warmth and enjoy greeting them. They will also serve beverages to their passengers at the appropriate time.


Many limousines are equipped with an emergency exit. They contain a fully stocked supply of bottled water and other amenities, like snacks and cold beverages. Some vehicles have additional compartments for passengers who need a little more privacy while traveling. This can be especially helpful for passengers in large groups and want a little more solitude during their travels.


In addition to the emergency exit, many limousines also have covered compartments. These are typically located between the front and rear seats of the vehicle. Depending upon the size and type of vehicle, a hidden compartment may also be located between the passenger side doors and the vehicle’s main doors.


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