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Renting Your Wedding Day NJ Limo

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Renting Your Wedding Day NJ Limo

If you are planning to rent a NJ limo on your wedding there are a few questions you need to answer to make the experience successful. What is your budget? What size of limo do you need and what style of limo do you want for your New Jersey wedding day?

Are you planning to rent a limo service for your wedding day? If so you should probably start planning well ahead of time because you will need to reserve your limo well in advance. Yes, they book up fast and if you are planning a summer wedding you definitely want to get your reservation in early so you can arrive and leave in style.

Before you reserve your limo from DJ’s Limo you will need to decide three things. First, what is your budget? A typical limo service rents hourly and if much as you may want to economize here and only rent it for an hour, don’t. The rule of thumb to follow is to rent for an hour longer than you anticipate needing the limo so when and if anything goes wrong- you won’t be stranded. Weddings rarely start on time, and it is inevitable that the best man forgets his tie or the bridesmaid leaves her boutique in the hotel room or the mother of the groom is running late. Relieve your stress now by planning for those contingencies within your rental time. You will want to make sure you have plenty of time for the limo to take you to the church, wait for the wedding to start and then take you away to wherever you plan to go after the wedding.

The next question is what size of limo do you need? Again the rule of thumb here is to rent bigger than you think you need. When a limo says it can hold ten passengers it is estimating the average weight of the passengers to be 150 pounds or less. Throw a few big guys in there and it can suddenly seem like a very small and cramped ride. Not exactly the luxury ride you were counting on for your wedding day. So, if you only plan on a party of ten, rent for a party of 14. It is better to have too much room than to have the bridesmaids sitting on the laps of the best men and ushers because you went small.

Finally, what type of limo do you want to rent? You can rent a typical limo that holds ten to fourteen passengers or you can go for a specialty limp, but be prepared to pay a substantial amount more for the specialty limos.

As you plan your limo budget you should also figure in a 15-20% cash tip of the total bill for the night for the driver. This gratuity is expected so make sure you plan it in your wedding budget.


If you are planning to rent a NJ limo on your wedding there are a few questions you need to answer to make the experience successful.

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Rent Your NJ Wedding Limo

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