Fabulous Elizabeth NJ Limos

Picture this: your son is a senior in high school and he has a special girl that he has been dating for 2 years. He wants to make their last prom as special and memorable for her as possible. He saves money from his job, but has come up a little short on the perfect limousine. Seeing how excited he is and how passionate he is about renting this limousine, you chip in the money he is short. You go with him and he rents an immaculate Rolls Royce. This is just one of the cars available at DJs Limousines.

Weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, super bowl parties or a girls night out with friends you haven’t seen in years – why not use a Elizabeth New Jersey Limousine? They have an elegant line of sedan’s, limos and an enormous limo bus. Whether you want intimate or private, long and elegant, or big and crazy, they have a limo to fit any need.

A Family Tradition Goes to the Next Level

Family owned and operated, DJs Limousines was opened in 1993 with just only one car. Over 2 decades later, they are still offering friendly and affordable services. Transferring ownership to son Dominick Glynn, who has amazing leadership skills, they have grown to a huge fleet of limousines to suit any purpose.

With convenient access to Newark Airport, they offer full transportation services to the entire area. Whether you want a fancy ride to the casino or a ride to your favorite venue, DJs Limousine is here to serve you. All of their drivers are friendly and knowledgeable and will make your trip relaxing, fun and stress-free.

How about this scenario: an early fall wedding in the most beautiful park in New Jersey. You want a limousine to drive the wedding party to the wedding event. Why not choose a Sleek Mercedes Benz? Of course, you need transportation back to the reception site, so why not go all out and use the state of the art party bus? Dominick Glynn, the owner, ensures that every ride will be perfect. What about the trip to the airport for the bride and groom? Since everyone wants something romantic and private, they have a 1965 Lincoln limousine that would be the best first ride husband and wife.

Fabulous Vehicles

Their vintage classic, Rolls-Royce, would be a superb addition when taking your spouse out for your 25th wedding anniversary. DJs Limousines can also accommodate for business or corporate needs. There is nothing that we can not make extra spectacular or professional.

Some of the luxury vehicles that are chauffeur-driven include:

– 20 Passenger luxury LimoBus

– 12 Passenger Mercedes LimoBus

– 10 Passenger Chrysler or Lincoln

– 8 Passenger Lincoln

All of these have leather interior, they are in immaculate condition and with leather seats, bars and inside lights.

The smaller limousines include:

– Cadillac Escalade

– Antique Rolls-Royce

– Lincoln Continental Livery Edition

Also with leather interior, state of the art and superb condition inside and out. They also have other vehicles available for you to choose from, depending on your event and number of people.

Their service area includes Elizabeth New Jersey and includes limousines for funerals as well. The family-owned company and all its employees are courteous, knowledgeable and are dedicated to making your event a memorable one, no matter what the occasion.

Feel free to go onto the website or give them a call to receive a free quote. If you want to see, in person, the amazing fleet that they have just call and schedule an appointment to stop in and talk to Dominick Glynn. He would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have, concerning their services and prices. The company strives to be on time, provide the best-in-class service available and their drivers have an overwhelming knowledge of the area, so they can offer suggestions on entertainment, sight seeing and dining services.

With DJs Limousine you are getting the best of the best. They have the best of today’s technology, but with a modern professional and elegant style. They have even expanded to driving reality television stars, celebrities and corporations (big and small). With Dominick at the helm, there are even bigger and better things to come. They will always be keeping the professionalism, courtesy and friendliness of the company.

When you ride in a limousine, you are guaranteed the greatest care. From well prepared and unbelievably clean limos, to courteous and experienced drivers. They have received thousands of letter from guests who are very grateful for their extraordinary service.

DJs Limousine affords you the luxury to not worry about the tiresome details of navigating through traffic or the airport parking lot. You leave all of your worries, troubles and stress behind as soon as the door to your limousine is closed. All you have to do is enjoy the safe and comfortable ride.

When looking for the perfect limousine service to get you to your extra special event, on time, look for further than this extraordinary company. Whether it is your wedding, your senior prom, your grandparents/parents funeral or a night out on the town; we know how important it is to arrive on time and we can make you the promise that it will happen.

With Dominick taking the reign, he is looking to expand even more in the next few years. He wants to make sure that he always has affordable, luxurious limousines for absolutely any occasion that you can think of. He wants to take the limousine service to the next level and has a real passion for the business.

Whether you are needing a ride for your son’s senior prom, your daughters dream wedding, a loved one’s funeral, a huge football party or just an afternoon of sight seeing around New Jersey, look no further than DJs Limousines. They have everything you want and need for that extraordinary day to be comfortable, perfect and stress-free.

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