Maplewood New Jersey Limousines

Maplewood New Jersey Limousines

New leadership can sometimes be shocking to a regular customer to a company. Will the new leader of the business run things the same way the old leader did? Will the services offered change? Will you still get the same great quality of services you received with the old leader? The answer to all of these questions, in the case of DJ’s limousine’s new change in leadership, is yes.

DJ’s has been around since 1993. They offer premiere limousine, sedan, and limo bus services. Dominick Glynn continues this rich history to the best of his ability. He recently took over the limousine service that has been around for more than two decades. Under this new era of leadership, we expect not only the business to remain virtually the same, but we also know that Dominick Glynn is actually making the company better. We believe that his new ideas will revolutionize the industry in New Jersey.

DJ’s offers many services, including limo bus rentals, wedding limo services, corporate events and other business transportation services. They also commonly handle funerals, airport limo transfers, prom limousine services, Atlantic City limousines, bachelor party limousines, and bachelorette party limousines. All of these services are helpful for their different uses.

We personally think that their Antique Rolls Royce is the best vehicle in the fleet. Not only is it useful for making a statement at a party, it is also appreciated by car enthusiasts. The Antique Rolls Royce is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a wedding or a funeral. DJ’s also has a Rolls Royce Phantom in their fleet. If you liked the idea of the antique Rolls Royce, you’ll love this modern version even better. Nowadays, many people just don’t appreciate an antique car. With the Rolls Royce Phantom, you can show off in a more modern version of the antique Rolls Royce. Heads will be turning when you show up at that next big event!

One of the coolest limos they have in their fleet is a 20 passenger limo bus. This bus is perfect for parties, such as a bachelor party or a bachelorette party. Many experienced limo customers realize that they would prefer this type of vehicle for the special event. But If you want a limo bus, and don’t have twenty passengers, DJ’s has got you covered! They also have a smaller 12 passenger limo bus perfect for a smaller group. This is ideal for the occasions when you don’t feel like inviting a bunch of people to a party, but you still want to have a party. This option will also save you some money, as it is cheaper to rent then the 20 passenger limo bus.

Overall, we think that the leadership at DJ’s will remain the same it was, and continue to improve. They are perfect for any occasion, whether you need to show off at your sister’s wedding, or be humble and show up to a funeral. DJ’s is perfect for everyone!