Winter Wedding Limo Clark New Jersey

DJ’s Limousine has been serving Clark New Jersey and the surrounding area with the best in professional limousine services. Now is the time to ride in one of their luxurious Rolls Royce’s, limos, or limo bus. They will get you to your destination safely and on time.

NJ Winter Wedding Limo Services 

During your wedding day, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing that you don’t need to drive when you have other things on your mind. Your wedding group doesn’t have time either to worry about driving while celebrating your special day as well. This is the reason you should book with DJ’s Limo for your wedding. The special deals which are going on this season are amazing! They offer dozens of luxury vehicles for the perfect weddings.

Antique Rolls Royce 

The Antique Rolls-Royce is one of a kind for the bride and groom to lead the way to the wedding reception. It’s the classic wedding themed car which is part of a graceful look in your wedding photos as well. It’s a nice addition to weddings, plus, it’s a smart way to make your dream wedding a true and accommodating transportation for you and your loved one. The Antique Rolls Royce chauffeur will help you and your beloved with your special day (or night). Enjoy the ride with the classic and beautiful, the Rolls Royce. It will surely provide optimal results on your wedding day.

Rolls Royce Phantom 

Recently launched by Rolls Royce, The Phantom is considered a “work of art” world-wide. Mysterious and with a slim body, it features laser high beams that will catch any interest in the evening hours. It has the traditional RR shape, but you’ll enjoy riding in one since it’s not everyday you get to drive in the new Phantom. At the rear, the back opens and provides easy access to the cabin inside. Perfect for a queen and king! Traditional and with some minimal modern elements, the Phantom has many features which will feel luxurious every mile you both are in it. With the signature “Parthenon’” grille and a more squared-jawed front end compared to the recent RR. You and your fiancé will be rolling up to the church or ceremony in traditional style.

Lincoln Town Car Executive Limousine

This luxury ride has more to offer than the other sedans. With rear seats and the ability for more leg room, the newlyweds will love this sedan to take them to their honeymoon suite. It’s climate controlled and ideal for the wedding couple. The remote audio is a feature the passenger will have an advantage over. It’s the top of the line in Lincoln sedans. It’s identified by the B-Pillar and with this edition, its longer in the rear because of the doors’ design. The windows are wider too as well as the doors. It’s an ideal vehicle for the couple heading to their wedding reception celebration.

Lincoln Town Car Limo

With up to 3 passengers in this Lincoln Town Car L, you’ll love the smooth ride in one of these. It has a USB port and a power outlet so you can keep in touch with the rest of the wedding party. With rear controls for the seat which allow passengers to take control of the temperature also has access to the radio station settings. It’s a comfortable ride with air suspension ensuring the ride. The cargo space is large and the rear has enough leg room as well, hence the “L”.

Lincoln Continental Livery Edition 

This Special Edition is a nice comfortable and luxurious sedan for couples about to get married. The Lincoln Continental has enough room for 3 passengers. It’s rear features has audio sound, reclining seats, and enough leg room for the nuptials. Complimentary USB port and power outlet is available. At the rear cargo, there’s plenty of room for large overnight luggage. Power windows and rear windshield, plus the windows have enough shade or tint for your privacy.

Mercedes-Benz S550 

The Mercedes-Benz S550 with all its amenities is here for you and your love. You’ll need to swipe your partner and head out to the honeymoon suite in this one! The Benz S550 has a spacious interior and big enough for both bride and groom. 3 passengers can fit comfortably in the exclusive sedan with beautiful leather interior as well. Other features it has is the LED lighting and luxury upholstery. Plus, there’s all LED lighting and extensive leather throughout. The wood trims and accents are beautiful. Nuptials love the ride because of its exclusiveness in wedding transportation. Celebrate in style with an abundance exotic feelings to it. With radio, satellite navigation, and surrounding sound systems, you’ll be in heaven.

Cadillac Escalade ESV 

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is the grand scale of Escalades. It’s technologically advanced with a spectrum of functionalities and capabilities. Balanced in both sophistication and functionality, the Escalade ESV is for those who want an exceptional ride for a very special occasion. The Cadillac’s interior is powerful. It’s a comfortable ride with a V8 engine as part of the Cadillac brand. The wedding couple will enjoy the roomy and the spacious interior. Plus, the leather-bound craftsmanship and all its amenities will be on hand.

8 Passenger Lincoln Limousine and the 10 Passenger Lincoln Limousine 

These two are naturally two of the best in limousine transportation. Both limos have a unique feel to it when inside. Plus they’re large and spacious with each serving its role that offers 8-10 passengers, depending on which one you’ll need for your wedding party. Perfect for bachelor/ette parties, wedding showers, girls night out or any other wedding celebration for more than 8 guests at a time.

10 Passenger Chrysler 300 Limousine 

The 10 passenger Chrysler 300 limo is custom-made for your party. The bar has you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen enough room for beverages, bodies, and fun! The limo has laser lights dimmed around the bar area. It also has a radio with CD/DVD, and AM/FM radio. Additionally, an outlet for your mobile to play your tunes is available in this Chrysler. There’s enough room for 10 people plus ice-chests and champagne. Ideal for the drink on the way to the wedding reception or celebration. This one is a favorite for wedding parties in the Clark NJ area!

12 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus 

The 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus will delight any wedding party. It has everything (and then some) to get the party started as well as keep it going. You wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving, but only to have fun on that special day of your bachelor/ette outing. If you enjoy the fine things in life, you’ll enjoy the Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus. Driver safe and certified with experience in driving heavy-duty vehicles all around the city. Laser light up and down, all around the interior that you’ll forget that you’re in a Limo Bus. There’s enough leg room in this one! Enjoy the finer things with the other 11 guests you’ll have in this Mercedes deluxe Limo Bus.

20 Passenger Luxury Limo Bus 

The 20 passenger luxury limo bus will feel like you’re in a VIP room at some luxury club or hotel lounge. Any wedding party will tell you that this is the ideal limo bus for the bride, the groom, and their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Take a night out after the reception and continue the party or go on an outing the night before in this luxury limo bus. It’s a bar with the necessary accessories needed in every perimeter of a leather seated luxury limo bus. Window shading, the center stage for beverages, a ‘big screen’ accessible with DVD Player. It’s the ideal vehicle for a perfect night out.


Enjoy relaxation and fun as our drivers handle the driving on your wedding day. DJ’s drivers will take you where you need to be and without delay. You’ll be driven in class and style. In fact, contact Dominick Glynn who offers premium rides for New Jersey residents. Book your winter limo for your wedding TODAY! Get a FREE quote today or call 908-241-3393 for booking your winter wedding limo now.

It’ll be worth contacting Dominick for your quote to a perfect winter wedding this season in one of DJ’s luxury sedans, limos, or limo buses.

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